Food and Snack Policy

Food & Snacks Policy

In an effort to best meet the needs of all students, our district has implemented a policy related to food in classrooms. We have students in each of our schools with diagnosed life-threatening food allergies and others with food sensitivities. Our policy is intended to better care for our students and was adopted as the result of a recommendation from our district Wellness Committee. The Wellness Committee is comprised of school administrators, district employees, community members, and parents.

We do not serve food on individual student birthdays. We do allow for activities that involve food up to once a month in each classroom, at the discretion of the teacher. Individual teachers will create their own classroom birthday recognition practices, which often include learning components on the student's special day. These events may have different themes and purposes at each grade level, and may take the form of a combined monthly birthday celebration. In all cases, families will have prior notice of the events, including information about what types of food will be available, so that parents may plan alternative food options for their child if needed.

Food practices in individual classrooms will be mindful of life-threatening allergies, food sensitivities, health, and the potential for disruption, and will be communicated by individual classroom teachers. There are many occasions when we wish to recognize accomplishments of students and we will continue to explore and implement strategies unrelated to food. We hope to create a safer, healthier environment, and minimize loss of instructional time throughout the school year.

A list of approved snacks is available in each school office and on our website. Please do not bring food to school unless pre-arranged with the school and/or classroom teacher. Instead of bringing food, please consider bringing stickers, pencils, erasers, etc. for birthday celebrations.

For further guidance see Pullman School District Administrative Procedure 6700P.

Thank you for your help and consideration in this matter. Please contact your student's school if you have questions.