Student Programs, Clubs, and Activities

Pullman School District promotes equity and inclusion through a diverse range of student-led clubs and initiatives to foster environments where students can engage in activities that promote diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging for all. 

Please note: Club offerings vary from year to year depending on advisor availability and student interest.
  • Our Minds Matter Clubs at all Pullman Schools
  • Pullman High School Offerings:
    • ASB - Social Justice & Equity Officer
      • Chief advisor on diversity and equity at PHS. 
      • Holds meetings with administrators to discuss how best to promote equity at PHS, as well as to begin implementing any new programs created by the equity and inclusion committee.
    • Sexuality & Gender Alliance Club (SAGA)
    • Student Ambassadors Program
      • The Student Ambassadors serve as a representative voice for the PHS student body.
      • Click HERE to learn more about this program.
    • Black Student Union (BSU)
  • Lincoln Middle School
    • Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA)
    • Students of Color Alliance (SOCA)
    • Student Ambassadors Program
  • Franklin Elementary
    • Student Council
    • Fox Den Time with Tarrin Weber (Franklin School Counselor)
    • Second Step Bully Prevention & Child Safety Trainings
    • Principal Advisory Council
  • Kamiak Elementary
    • Student Council
  • Jefferson Elementary
    • Student Council
    • Multicultural Club
  • Sunnyside Elementary
    • Student Council
    • Family Advisory Committee
    • Chill Zone
    • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging Club


  • Students Diversity Panel Discussions
During the 2020-2021 school year, Pullman High School students formed
The Students of Color Equity Panel and filmed their open conversation and reflections on race, equity, diversity, and inclusion. This discussion was student-led and provided insight into the student experience in regards to race and equity. Click the link below to watch this student led discussion.
During the 2023-2024, the Pullman High School Student Ambassadors coordinated two panel discussions to highlight the diverse perspectives and experiences of our high school student body, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of our community's rich cultural mosaic. Don't miss this inspiring conversation that showcases the power of student voices and the importance of inclusivity in all of our schools.
Watch the full videos here:
  • Pullman High School - Recipients of NEWESD 101 Creating Better Together Award
Schools and educators engage in an array of quality work to close opportunity gaps, implement inclusionary practices, honor diverse learners, and increase access for all students - to positively impact their school experiences and to prepare them for meaningful future success. NEWESD 101 aspires to recognize, uplift, and share the superb work being done in schools across our region with an awards program that is not only based on quantitative matrices, but also on evidence of progress and stories of impact. In May 2022, NEWESD 101 honored four districts as recipients of the "Creating Better Together Award" which included Pullman School District's Pullman High School.