Washington State School Directors Association |  WSSDA

Information about WSSDA | Why WSSDA?

WSSDA’s three branches, Policy & Legal Services, Strategic Advocacy, and Leadership Development provide valuable services, resources and supports to school boards across the state. 

Policy & Legal

  • Legal Resources
  • Policy Resources
  • Legal/Policy Advocacy
  • Policy Review
  • Policy Customization
  • Model Policy Online
  • Policy & Legal News

Strategic Advocacy:

  • Legislative Positions & Priorities
  • Strategic Outreach
  • Advocacy Resources & Know-How
  • Bill Watch
  • Weekly Legislative Updates 
  • Legislative Session - End of Session Summary

Leadership Development

  • Board Support & Counseling
  • Superintendent Evaluation
  • WSSDA Board Self-Assessment
  • Boards of Distinction
  • Equity Toolkit
  • OnBoard
  • Customized In-District Trainings
  • Board Boot Camp
  • Leadership WSSDA
  • Policy Governance Consulting

WSSDA provides other services that benefit local school districts and their school boards.

**Information above is provided by WSSDA.

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