School Supply Lists

Elementary School Supplies List:  



Lincoln Middle School School Supplies List:


Pullman High School School Supplies:

Pullman High School teachers who require specific supplies will let the students know within the first couple of weeks of school. Students are encouraged to purchase their own basic supplies of lined paper (bound or loose), pens, pencils, backpack and any organizational items they prefer. Higher level math courses often provide the required calculators so families should not purchase such items until they confirm it is needed.

Students can also ask talk to their guidance counselor if they need assistance obtaining basic supplies to feel prepared for classes.


For ALL Schools - Additional Supplies 

  • Water Bottles: Please also be sure to send a water bottle labeled with your student's name to school each day. In order to maintain the health and safety of students and staff, drinking fountains will not be available. Students will be able to fill up water bottles at filling stations throughout each school. 

If you need assistance with providing supplies for students, please contact your student's school secretary or school counselor.