Professional Learning

One of our commitments this school year is to continue our focus on educational equity for each student. This involves increasing academic success, removing barriers within our system, and ensuring equal access and opportunity for all students.

Here, you will find information on our staff professional learning, designed to empower our teachers and staff with the knowledge, skills, and resources they need to create equitable educational opportunities for all students.

2023-2024 Professional Learning
In 2021, Pullman School District expanded its commitment to this work by engaging in the tenets of a Professional Learning Community (PLC.)  Each school, and our district, is identifying a guaranteed and viable curriculum that ensures each student is able to access the same learning standards regardless of the school a child attends or the teacher a student has.   Teacher teams across our district work collaboratively to identify strengths and needs of each student in relationship to this most important learning.  This approach leads to common assessments, implementation of proven teaching practices, and an increase in student achievement.
In addition to continuing our PLC focus in pursuit of equity in our school district, we have engaged the expertise and support of Dr. Allen Sutton, Executive Director of the Office of Outreach and Education at WSU.