How to Use the Library Catalog (OPAC)
  1. In the search box, you may search for the author's last name, the title, or the subject - the fewer words used, the better
  2. Items are arranged alphabetically. Scroll down to find an item. 
  3. The title you are interested in will show the call number and the status of the item. Status will be: IN, OUT, or LOST.
  4. If the item is IN, write down the call number. Ask for help if you are unsure where the item is.
  5. If the item is not IN, you may ask the librarian to reserve the book for you.
  6. If you want more information on the item, click on the title - a summary of the item and due date will appear.
  7. Please clear your search by clicking on Home.

Questions? Email Kristen Coke-Sutton at [email protected]