Pullman Promise: Our Priorities

In 2019 Pullman Public Schools adopted a new Priorities Plan (often called a strategic plan), which has been named the Pullman Promise. It was developed with significant feedback from listening sessions with staff and students, a ThoughtExchange survey process, and several focus groups. The board spent time making sure common themes were reflected on the priorities plan. The plan is a streamlined way for the district to showcase where our priorities lie, and allow for accountability to the community.

The Pullman Promise Infographic


Our Priority

Our Goal

Success Indicators Measured By

Students First

We Provide:

  • A consistently welcoming, healthy, safe environment
  • Personalized learning for the growth and individual success of each student
  • Supportive, sustained relationships with each student
  • Prioritize actions to ensure a caring and safe environment to cultivate the highest levels of learning.
  • Student climate survey conducted (Fall) every 2-years by CEE
  • Student Achievement Measurements, 3rd-10th, and SAT results


Mutual Respect

  • Inclusive culture in which we value each individual and celebrate our community’s diversity
  • Foster a growth mindset that values the beliefs and experiences of all.
  • Closing achievement gap (State Assessment Data)
  • Community/Staff climate survey conducted every 2-years by CEE

Cultivate Trust

  • Communicate transparently
  • We assure fiscal responsibility now and for the future
  • Plan expenditures to meet students educational needs.
  • Community/Staff climate survey conducted every 2-years by CEE
  • Annual Budget/Fiscal Audit Report


Build Together

  • We honor our students’ futures
  • We cultivate authentic, collaborative relationships based on shared purpose
  • Empower all stakeholders to collaborate and pursue innovative means that prepare students for the future.
  • Career and Technical Course Offerings Board Report
  • Data Reporting of AP and College in the Classroom Opportunities Board Report


Take Action

  • We are accountable through measurable goals
  • We commit to constructive feedback and continuous improvement
  • Monitor teaching and learning; enhance curriculum, instruction, and assessment.
  • Graduation rate, based upon 4 and 5 year cohorts
  • Annual Alumni Outcome Survey conducted 18 months and 5 years after graduation

Shared Decisions

  • Data and feedback inform decisions about best practices, professional development, and student support programs
  • Support professional development, quality facilities, and sustainable initiatives to meet our mission and vision.
  • Annual (Spring) Professional Development Survey
  • Annual Course Offerings and Program Board Reports