Language Access Plan

Language Access

The purpose of the district’s Language Access Plan is to ensure that all PSD families receive the language access assistance needed to communicate with school staff and to support each child in the pursuit of a high-quality educational experience. The plan is aligned to district policy 4218, Language Access. 

Language Access Liaison (LAL):

Dr. Roberta Kramer
Assistant Superintendent
Phone: (509) 332-3144
If you would like to provide feedback regarding the Language Access Plan, please contact Dr. Roberta Kramer, Pullman School District Language Access Liaison, at [email protected] or 509-332-3144.
Language Access Plan for Pullman School District:
  1. Complete a District self-assessment, in October, for evaluating current language access services in the district.
  2. Via the ELD Advisory Committee, use data from the self-assessment, in collaboration with community and staff, to identify current language access needs.
  3. Use district data and family surveys, in October, to compile a list of families who have limited English proficiency that includes the primary language of the parent(s)/guardian(s). Share this information with appropriate building personnel.
  4. Train appropriate building personnel to access translation and interpretation services and to help with families who have limited English proficiency.
  5. Ensure that the District provides access for interpreters when needed to effectively communicate vital information to parent(s)/guardian(s).
  6. Monitor the use of interpreter services.
  7. Provide families with the opportunity to provide feedback regarding their experience with the provided language access support.
    • See below the Language Access Service Evaluation Form in English and translated in other languages.
  8. Annually in July, compile information on the resources used to support the language access program for the year. This information will be annually reviewed, analyzed and published as well as reported to OSPI.
Click the link below for a printable version of the district's Language Access Plan.

Language Access Service Evaluation Form
Districts are to provide participants in interpreted initial IEPs, annual IEPs, or disciplinary reengagement meetings an opportunity to provide feedback on the effectiveness of interpretation and language access services. This form is available in English and is translated in other languages below: