NOTICE: Beginning on October 30, 2023, Pullman High School is adjusting their daily schedule and will be having school end at 3:00 pm, instead of 2:50 pm.

This will result in a few buses that transport K-12th grade students on combined routes to have a ten-minute delay for the afternoon drop-off time at home.

Example: If your student’s original drop-off time was 3:30 pm, the new drop off time beginning on October 30 will be 3:40 pm.

If your child does not ride one the routes listed below, their arrival time at their afternoon drop-off location does not change.


The routes impacted are:

  • Route 14:  PHS, LMS and FES students (going south on Hwy 195 towards Johnson and back to Pullman via Johnson Road)
  • Route 24:  PHS, LMS and FES students (going to Bypass Road, Bellevue and east on old Moscow-Pullman highway and back via Sand Road)
  • Route 30:  PHS, LMS and SES students (Whispering Hills, Panorama, Corral Ct. and north on 195 towards Colfax)
  • Route 31:  PHS, LMS and SES students (West from Pullman out Hwy 194 and Wawawai Road)
  • Route 40:  PHS students (in town route)

School Transportation

All students who are at the bus stop on the first day of school will be transported. Each bus driver has a list of all bus-eligible students. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your student's bus route, please call or email the transportation department at the number provided at the bottom of this page.

Notice: If your child is attending school through an in-district or out-of-district transfer request, you are responsible for their transportation each day. (exemption for students who are homeless or foster.)

To be eligible for district transportation:

  • The student's residence must be beyond the one-mile radius from the school to which the student is assigned or
  • The walking route to the student's assigned school is hazardous (if they are less than one mile) or
  • The student has a disability that prevents them from walking or 
  • The student has another compelling and legally sufficient reason to receive transportation services. 

Click to view Jefferson's bus routes! Click here to go to the Franklin bus routes Click to view the bus routes for Sunnyside Elementary! Click to go to Kamiak bus routes!

Click to view transit information for middle and high school students


                                                        Transportation Department
170 NW Albion Drive
                                    Transportation Supervisor:
Tammy Lehmitz
[email protected]




These routes are the recommended routes to walk or bike to and from school for the safety of all students.

FES Safeschools RoutesJES Safeschools RoutesKES Safeschools RouteSES Safeschools Routes

Franklin Elementary

Jefferson Elementary

Kamiak Elementary

Sunnyside Elementary