Sustainability Committee

The Sustainability Committee exists to promote environmental sustainability, educate stakeholders, and increase the positive impact of Pullman School District’s operations on the environment. The committee is charged with being an instrument for discussion, identification, and action related to sustainability and energy conservation within the district. The committee will make recommendations to the board based on research and data.

The volunteer committee is comprised of one representative from each school building. Additional committee members may include:

  • Representatives of other district departments
  • PHS student representative
  • Community representative 
  • School board representative

Observers and guests are always welcome at meetings.

The committee meets quarterly or as directed by its chair (the Superintendent or designee). As appropriate, the committee will make informed recommendations to the School Board.

The Sustainability Committee makes recommendations to the leadership of the Pullman School District to promote environmental sustainability and efficient use of resources. Specific responsibilities may include:

  • Facilitate and review district energy audits, develop goals for energy reduction, and submit any comments or recommendations to the board.
  • Provide input to the board on other district issues, from a sustainability perspective, and make recommendations regarding long-term planning for sustainability.
  • Integrate sustainability education into aspects of classroom/curriculum programming and parent/community education, in collaboration with community and industry partners.
  • Promote green technologies and behaviors across the district.
  • Seek collaborative relationships within the community.

Consistent with these functions, the Sustainability Committee will encourage continuous improvement of and should foster adherence to the district’s policies, procedures, and practices at all levels.

Trish Blehm, Kamiak Elementary
Stella Carman, PHS Student
Sandra Casanova, Jefferson Elementary
Kimi Emerson, Sunnyside Elementary
Courtney Hodge, Admin Assistant to the Superintendent
Jennifer Harbour, STEM Teacher
Marla Haugen, Lincoln Middle School
Diane Hodge, Finance Director
Bob Maxwell, Superintendent
Kerrin McMillen, Instructional Programs
Allison Munch-Rotolo, Board Representative
Nancy Nelson, Franklin Elementary
Juston Pollestad, PHS Principal
Joe Thornton, Director of Operations

Guiding Policy:
6810 Energy Management, Education and Conservation