The finance department supports the district and its employees by providing budgeting, purchasing and payroll & benefit services:

  • by monitoring mandated requirements;
  • by providing accurate and timely payroll & benefits for employees; and
  • by assisting district administration with budgetary and purchasing information.

Budget Information

The annual budget is the financial plan for the school district required by statute in Washington State. It must be formally adopted by the Board of Directors each year. The budget covers the fiscal year, from September 1st to August 31st of the following calendar year. It establishes maximum expenditure amount for each fund. The budget must be balanced. For example, beginning fund balance plus revenues must equal or exceed expenditures in each fund.

The budget consists of the following five funds:

  • General Fund - used for all instructional and regular operations of the school district.
  • Transportation Vehicle Fund - used exclusively for the purchase of school buses.
  • Capital Projects Fund - utilized for the purchase of land, the construction and equipping of new facilities, the installation of major systems and major facility renovation.
  • Debt Service Fund - covers principal and interest payments on outstanding bonds.
  • Associated Student Body (ASB) Fund - used for all student activities funds such as clubs, student government and some athletic programs.