Military Hill Recommended Routes for LMS Students

 Below is a summary of the recommended morning and afternoon transit routes for LMS students who live on Military Hill, as provided by the City of Pullman and Pullman Transit. 
Please also view supplemental routes information, provided by our school district transportation department. This will allow students to hop on yellow school buses at specified schools in the area.
One Blue Route planned, but for 2 loops
 Transit Service to LMS
  • Board at any stop along the Blue Route during its loop leaving the transfer Station at 7:05 am.
  • Transfer to the Silver Route at the transfer station at 7:40 am 
  • Depart the Silver Route at it's City Hall or Crestview/Spring stop at 7:54 am 

 Transit Service from LMS
  • Board the Silver Route at its City Hall or Crestview & Spring stop at 2:54 pm or 3:29 pm
  • Board the Paradise Route at its Crestview/Grand stop at 2:51 pm or 3:26 pm
  • Transfer to the Blue Route at 3:15 pm or 3:50 pm at the Transfer Station
  • Depart at any stop along the Blue Route as it serves Military Hill

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