Tech Support


Welcome to Tech Support!

Need help with technology?

Parents/guardians, students, and staff members now have two options when entering a request for technical support. If you need assistance with your Chromebook, please make sure to check out the Chromebook FAQ section before contacting support. You can find the links below. 



Email Tech Support
link to Tech Support Portal link to Chromebook help page

Send an Email to the Tech Department

You will get an immediate response from our system with a ticket number. Any replies to that email will be logged in our tasking queue. You will receive a message on any status change to the ticket. Closed tickets will automatically reopen should you reply to the "Ticket Closed" message.

Send a Tech Request Through the Tech Portal

Follow the on-screen instructions to submit a tech support ticket. The new web portal also has a Technology Ticket Status Check which you can use to check the status of previous support requests.

If you have submitted an email support request in the past, enter your email address used to create the ticket to see the current status. 



At certain times of the year, especially the beginning and end of the school year, the IT team may be under heavy load. This may result in slower response times.

We are working hard to address the needs of both our families and teachers. Please be patient as we work through this challenge.