Non-Residence Student Transfers

Non-Residence Student Transfers

Enrolling Non-Resident Students

At Pullman Public Schools, we welcome enrollment of non-resident students. Non-resident students are those who don't live within the Pullman School district boundaries. There are some limits based on school board policy on whether we can accept a student from another school district.

Non-Residents may attend our schools as long as:

  • The anticipated needs of resident students are met first
  • Acceptance of the non-resident student does not create a financial hardship for Pullman Public Schools
  • The non-resident student's attendance and disciplinary records meet appropriate standards, which are set by the school board

Non-Resident student assignments are for one academic year only. 

You must submit a new application each academic year to request continued enrollment in Pullman Public Schools. To do so, you must fill out an Out-of-District (Choice) Transfer form which is then submitted to the school district where you live. Your resident district will then digitally enter this information on OSPI's Choice Transfer portal to release you from their district. This information is sent to Pullman Public Schools for review by the principal of the school you are requesting, the superintendent, and if your student is in a special program, the assistant superintendent will also review. 

Non-resident students do not have an elementary attendance area school, but you may pick your top two choices using the out-of-district (choice) transfer form. Pullman Schools cannot guarantee that your top school choices will have space available for your student. Your student can only be assigned to schools and programs when space is available for students outside the district zones. To be accepted, that space must be available for your student's grade level and program needs. For secondary schools, only the seats set aside for open choice are available for non-resident enrollment.

  • School assignments based on an address within the school district are not automatically continued if the student becomes a non-resident. If a student moves out of the district, a choice transfer form must be submitted immediately upon the change of residence.


Application Process & Timeline

State law requires that non-resident students supply a Choice Transfer Request from the district of residence each year to apply for non-resident enrollment. The transfer request for non-residents who wish to attend Pullman Public Schools must be submitted by the deadlines specified each year. Applications are considered on a first come/first serve basis. Applications must be submitted by June 30th of each school year. Application submitted after this deadline will not be considered until after the first day of school.

  • Applications may take up to four weeks to process. It is our goal that applications received by the June 30th deadline will receive a response before the first day of school- depending on when the application was received and submitted. You will receive an automated email when the request has been submitted as well as when it has been approved or denied.
  • The Choice Transfer application must also have all questions answered regarding the student's attendance and behavior and all information regarding program needs such as special education, Title I, LAP and ELL must be completed. 
  • You must submit one application per child in your family ANNUALLY. If you are submitting multiple applications, please make sure to check the box on all the forms "Is there another child in the family for whom transfer is being requested?"
  • The transfer request is not complete until your student's resident school district has released your student from their district by submitting the request through the OSPI Choice Transfer portal and Pullman Public Schools has accepted that request. The student remains the responsibility of the resident school district until the effective start date at the non-resident school.
  • The parent/guardian will be notified by email of acceptance and the effective start date or rejection. If the request is rejected, the notification will include the reason for denial and steps to appeal the decision.
  • Children of school district full-time or part-time classified or certificated staff are permitted to submit an out-of-district transfer form to attend the school in which that employee is assigned.


Policy & Appeal Information

District policy governs whether a non-resident student may attend Pullman Public Schools. Factors taken into consideration include space availability; program capacity and/or cost; history of suspensions or expulsions; and concerns with attendance or behavior. 

As outlined in policy 3141, in the even that the application for admission to the non-resident district or the request for release from your district is denied, the superintendent or designated staff member will notify the parent or guardian of the reason(s) for denial and the right to petition the Board of Directors, upon five school business day's prior notice, for review of the decision and to have a hearing before the board at its next regular meeting. Following the hearing by the board, a final decision will be promptly communicated to the parent in writing. The final decision of the district to deny the admission of a no-resident student may be appealed to the Superintendent of Public Instruction or his or her designee pursuant to the process detailed in RCW 28A.225.230.

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