2023 Excellence in Education Award

2023 Excellence in Education Award
Posted on 11/16/2023
Margee Dahmen named
2023 “Excellence in Education” Recipient

Margee Dahmen, Jefferson Elementary Building Paraeducator, has been named the recipient of the “Excellence in Education” honor from our school board! Each year, the board selects one classified employee to receive this recognition. Margee was recommended for this recognition by Jefferson Elementary Principal, Jim Bruce, who was so inspired by how Margee consistently demonstrates her true belief in all children and in making a connection with every single Jefferson Jaguar. 

Margee has served the Pullman School District for 20 years! Principal Bruce shared, “Two of Jefferson Elementary School's Cultural Beliefs are "We Believe" (Children succeed when they are surrounded by adults who believe they can succeed.) and “We Connect” (Children succeed when they have meaningful, sustainable relationships with caring adults.).  From my first year as the principal at JES five years ago and prior to the adoption of Kids at Hope there was one staff member that immediately stood out to me as already possessing the fore-mentioned beliefs and that person was Margee Dahmen. Margee has two primary roles at Jefferson, supervision and instruction.  Margee’s experience coupled with her knowledge and connection with virtually every student makes for a safe playground and cafeteria environment for all students.  Margee is the ideal playground and cafeteria supervisor in that she is constantly moving about these areas supervising, assisting, and reinforcing her meaningful relationship with the students.  If I have question regarding a student’s behavior or connections on the playground or cafeteria, Margee is always able to provide me with the necessary information.  It’s truly amazing how much Margee knows about every student and their playground or cafeteria behavior.  Margee can do this while still ensuring that these areas are safe for all students.” 

Congratulations Margee! Pullman School District thanks you for your many years of service!  

2023 Excellence in Education Nominees:
  • Rosemary Fleener, Special Education Paraeducator at Lincoln Middle School. Rosemary has served the Pullman School District for almost 12 years!
  • Amber Deeds, CTE Program Secretary/Career Specialist at Pullman High School. Amber has served the Pullman School District for almost 12 years!
  • Reem Nasralla, Special Education Paraeducator at Sunnyside Elementary School. Reem has served the Pullman School District for 7 years!
Pullman School District thanks you all for your many years of service!