Zoom Updates (Grades K-12 ONLY)

Zoom Update for Grades K-12
Posted on 09/22/2020

Dear Families,

Please read the following information carefully as it pertains an update on the use of Zoom for live classroom instruction. 

Zoom has been approved for live classroom instruction for students in grades K-12.

The district IT department has initiated a secure login process for all staff and students that provides for a verified, secured login to the Zoom portal. This new website (https://psd267.zoom.us) directs all district logins through our secure Microsoft Single Sign-On (SSO) Portal before being handed off to Zoom.

All classroom meetings are now set to "Only authenticated users with @psd267.org accounts can join" which means non-student accounts will automatically be excluded. 

Your student will also note:

  • Waiting rooms are required. 
  • Teachers will continue to record all meetings. 
  • Students must use FIRST NAME & LAST NAME as identifiers - No nick names, no first name only. 

New Security features -

  • GeoBlocking – Makes it significantly more difficult to employ Virtual Private Network (VPN) logins.
  • “Impossible Travel Login Events” – Prevents logins from Pullman, then min’s later, login’s from NY or France or China.
  • Added logging levels (via the SSO portal) for back-tracing events to personal activities in meetings.
  • Virtual background images are locked down – Students can’t add their own backgrounds. A small selection of default backgrounds are available to allow for room privacy.
  • No virtual background videos are allowed – Students can’t use video’s as a background.
  • Continued force use of security codes.

If you have any questions, please reach out to our Director of Information Services – Garren Shannon (gshannon@psd267.org).

click to download directions to securely login to zoom! 


Pullman Public Schools

IT Department