WIAA Statement - Band and Choir

WIAA Statement - Band and Choir

Statement Release Date - October 12, 2020

The WIAA has received some questions surrounding the return to some sanctioned activities. While these were not addressed in the latest return-to-play guidelines issued by the Governor’s Office and State Department of Health, OSPI and the DOH issued policies for these activities on September 30 in the document titled “Employer Health and Safety Requirements for School Scenarios. The full document can be accessed at the bottom of this email, or on WIAA.com/covid.
The WIAA supports participation in these activities in accordance with the guidelines and at the discretion of each school’s administration. The governing bodies for each of these activities will work to provide competition and the WIAA will support with the organization of a culminating event.

A study on aerosol rates produced by wind instrumentalists, vocalists and even actors is published on the NFHS website and can help provide more information on the risks of some of these activities. This information will continue to be updated and will be shared with DOH and Governor’s Office as a resource.

To reduce potential exposure from these activities:

  • Band is limited to percussion and stringed instruments only, with physical distancing and at least a cloth face covering to be worn at all times; and
  • Choir is permitted only in a remote setting, when no other people outside the immediate household are present. Otherwise, choir is not permitted at this time. See DOH’s guidance to determine when small or large group choir may be resumed.
More guidelines for band and choir can be found in the full document.
It is the recommendation of the WIAA that Drama/Forensics programs follow the recommendations set forth in the OSPI guidance document under the section “General Instructional Setting” as well as “Individual/Small Group Instructional Support Setting”.
Safety Plans may be developed by the program instructors/advisors and submitted to the appropriate school governing body to clarify and demonstrate adherence to the stated guidelines.