Franklin Teacher Appreciation Week Comments

Scott Randall – Second Grade

  • We adore Mr. Randall! He makes students’ interests part of the classroom, and that in turn brings such joy to the students. We appreciate his spontaneity, flexibility, and focus on a growth mindset. He is greatly appreciated!
  • Mr Randall is a caring teacher. He always provides positive feedback and great tips to help our kid grow. Thanks for being a supportive teacher!
  • Scott Randall is a great teacher! He has a great way of teaching, doing it with fun and letting us learn. Without him as my second-grade teacher, I wouldn't have learned much in second grade. He is the best teacher in my life, I have ever had!
  • I love u Mr. Randall - sincerely your lovely son
  • Thank you. I love you so much. You’re amazing, Dad


 Marci Sontgerath – First Grade

  • Thank you to Mrs. Sontgerath for knowing her students and for caring deeply for them! She goes above and beyond to make sure each student is academically challenged and emotionally supported. We appreciate her
  • Thank you for all you do for our son. You have made such a difference in his learning and growing. We appreciate you so much. ️ Martinez Family
  • Mrs. Sontgerath is so nice because she has a lot of patience!!!!!!!!!!! She is a good teacher.
  • Marci is such a great teacher! We are so lucky our son has her 
  • We love Ms. Marci Sontgerath! So invested in the kids.


Lonna Carrier – Kindergarten

  • We were quite worried about how our daughter would transition to school. However, in the capable hands of Ms. Carrier, our daughter has thrived. We are not sure what magic she is doing in her classroom, but we couldn't be happier. It's teachers like her that help set a positive foundation for education that pay off for decades to all their students. This is invaluable work, so thank you!
  • Ms. Carrier: You have created such a fun learning environment for our kiddo! We appreciate the extra effort you put forth when additional support is needed. Thank you! -The Stamper family


Ellen Kellie – Kindergarten

  • I can't imagine a better kindergarten teacher for my child than Ms. Kellie. She has made my daughter's first year at Franklin such a positive experience both academically and socially.
  • From your student: I love you Ms. Kellie. You're so fun! I love school! My favorite is morning work.


Desiree Greystone – Art & STEM Teacher

  • From a student: Art is the best! I love making prints. I like your hair.


Heather Strader – Second Grade

  • Heather your love for our little buddy always goes above and beyond. Thank you for getting him over the “I hate school” and making some “foul” choices speedbump we came across this year and bringing back a love for learning. We love you!


Mykal McDirmid Walters – Fourth Grade

  • Mykal, we are thankful for your watchful eye and support this year! Thank you for keeping his attitude positive towards the love for learning.


Holly Steele – Third Grade

  • Thank you for always helping the kids in a very thoughtful way! These seeds of love and kindness help their spirits up and understand they can do it. These kids gain confidence with every spark of sweetness you give them. They have been inspired by you to try to do their best! Gaby is growing a lot! Thank you!


Julie Lippay – Fifth Grade

  • Mrs. Lippay, Thank you for all of your extra attention to Carson. I think I said the same for big sister, as you have a way of pushing these kids and preparing them for the future. REALLY appreciate you. - Joanie Thomas
  • So appreciative of the hard work the Lippay’s do.


Chris Lippay – Fourth Grade

  • Mr. Lippay is awesome! We truly appreciate all the work you do. 'Yoda best!'
  • What Mr. Lippay was able to do with my kid and her class during COVID lockdown was nothing short of a miracle.


Meg Conley – Second Grade

  • Thank you for being such a great teacher and helping me out all year. Thank you for doing fun things in our classroom and making us act. Thank you for taking us on some field trips and letting us bring chaperones. -Dani!
  • Mrs. Conley, thank you for being such a great teacher for Dani. As family, we feel so blessed that Dani has you. You have impacted Dani's life beyond the classroom. Her academic and emotional growth is amazing. She feels inspired by you! We greatly appreciate your effort, love, kindness, dedication, and help. We admire what you have done. That is why we know that you always will be in Dani's heart! Thank you!!


Kassidy Oloff – Core + Teacher/Fourth Grade

  • Mrs. Oloff is so nice and makes me feel super comfortable in class. She is amazing


Haylee Fishback – Physical Education

  • Thank you for teaching my daughter the PE version of Uno. She taught our family how to play and we had a great time running around together. She loves your class!


All Franklin Teachers!

  • Franklin Elementary School teachers provide a safe, productive, and caring environment for my child to spend her days. We are thankful for the experience that you provide for her!