Snow - School Closure Information

During adverse weather conditions it may become necessary to exercise one or a combination of the following emergency operating procedures.

Announcements about school delays or cancellations are shared in the following ways:

  • Automated phone calls will be made to all guardians (primary numbers) by approximately 6:30 a.m.
  • District website (
  • District social media:
    • Facebook:
    • Twitter: @PullmanSD
    • Instagram: @PullmanPublicSchools
  • Radio stations: KQQQ (1150 AM), KHTR (104.3 FM), KRPL (1400 AM), KZFN (106.1 FM), KWSU (1250 AM), KRFA (91.7 FM), KZZL (99.5 FM)
  • TV Channels: 2 (KREM), 4 (KXLY), 6 (KHQ), and 3 (KLEW)

Emergency Rural Bus Routes
These schedules will be distributed to all rural bus riders by their bus drivers.

Late School Starting Time
It may be necessary to delay school starting times by two hours in order to take advantage of daylight hours and/or improving weather and/or road conditions. This will also allow in-town students more time to get to school and avoid heavy traffic periods. The delay will be announced via the above radio and television stations as well as by the automated phone call system. Schools will normally be dismissed at the regular time.

School Delay:
One Hour:

  • Zero period and before school activities, programs, and clubs cancelled

Two Hours:

  • District Preschool programs will be cancelled
  • Zero period and before school activities, programs, and clubs cancelled

Early School Dismissal
On some occasions weather conditions may deteriorate during the school day and necessitate early dismissal of schools. Rural students will be returned to their homes only if there is adult supervision and/or a vehicle to receive them at the point they leave the bus.

Rural students who cannot be transported to their home will be returned to their applicable school where arrangements will be made for staying at their emergency in-town address.

In-town elementary students without parents/guardians at home will not be released until arrangements have been made for a baby-sitter and/or alternate supervision.

School Closure
School Closure will be announced via radio and television stations. When school is closed, all activities and athletic events will be canceled. If road and weather conditions allow, an administrative decision can be made to allow a group to travel to an event. Such a decision will be made by school personnel, the transportation director and district office staff.

If you have any questions, please contact your child's school or the transportation department (334-3911).