Sunnyside Teacher Appreciation Comments

Sarah Zylstra – First Grade Teacher

  • Thanks for being such a good teacher!


Dan Peterson – Physical Education

  • Our student loves Mr. Peterson. He is always so kind and really cares about what's happening in his life.
  • Dan Peterson is my daughter’s tennis coach at LMS and really helped her come out of her shell after COVID! He was wonderful.


Ethan Johnson – Music Teacher

  • Our student appreciates Mr. Johnson's love of Music and how he encourages noticing music in our daily lives and how it makes us feel.


Willma Fields – Kindergarten

  • Our student loves Mrs. Fields. She does a great job of integrating a variety of subjects. The gift of helping our student learn to read and improve in math is a lifelong gift that we will be forever grateful for.
  • You truly do an amazing job with your students. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into their learning.
  • I am so happy and blessed that my kids have both had Mrs. Fields (one of them twice - kinder and 2nd grade!), and I’m hopeful that my bonus kiddo will have her in a couple years, too, for kinder!
  • Mrs. Fields was the best mentor teacher!


Alyson Koerner – Fourth Grade

  • You have been so great with my children. My boys adore you and look forward to going to school every day.
  • Mrs. Koerner has been such a blessing for our daughter. You’ve made her love school and she feels cared for.
  • She did amazing things for our daughter, in 3rd grade and I still consider her a good friend!
  • Mrs. Koerner is an amazing teacher and we are so blessed to have her teaching the children in our community! 
  • Alyson is a master teacher. I am so proud! - mom


Katie Vandemark – Counselor/Psychologist

  • Mrs. Vandemark is always so willing and helpful to our daughter. We are so grateful for her and appreciate all she does to make herself available.
  • Katie is a lifesaver! We sure love her!


Annalisa Kiblen – Kindergarten

  • Thank you for taking such loving care of our child. Alana misses you on the weekends and after school when she is away.


Abby Stolp –  Fifth Grade

  • Miss Stolp is an incredible teacher. She shares her passion and enthusiasm for learning with each student and more importantly, she gives every single student a confidence in themselves that will serve them for a lifetime. She is a ray of sunshine, which makes it impossible for anyone to have a bad day in her class!


Kym Dye – Third Grade

  • Miss Dye is an extraordinary teacher! She goes above and beyond day in and day out. She is at the school bright and early every morning to prepare and makes things perfect for her students. The interest and love she shows to each student is unparalleled and the kids feel of that so strongly!
  • Kim Dye is one in a million and the district is so lucky to have her. A jewel!
  • Our household loves Ms. Dye
  • My now high school freshman loved Mrs. Dye. He didn't want to celebrate his birthday at school that year because they changed the rules and allowed only healthy treats to be brought in. Ms. Dye allowed him to bring treats for the class and honored his wish that they didn't sing the happy birthday song. Such a wonderful teacher- I agree that the district is lucky to have her.


Liz Quinley – First Grade

  • Miss Quinley has risen to every occasion over the past several years of difficult situations and continues to come out better and better all the time. The way she is able to individually help each little first grader to grow not only academically, but also in life skills, humor and self-confidence is beyond impressive. The way she is able to handle big feelings from students in the classroom with grace and poise is unmatched and is an amazing example to her students of how to do that for the rest of their lives!


Isabel Haller-Grync – Multilingual Learners (MLL)

  • Ms. HG is an amazing teacher! She always works hard to help her students in any way she can! Thank you for all your hard work!! We appreciate you!!