Jefferson Teacher Appreciation Comments

Samantha Child - Kindergarten

  • Mrs. Childs has been a wonderful teacher for my kindergarten this year. She comes home more knowledgeable each day and has acquired a love for reading and math! I can tell she feels safe with her teacher and it allows her feel comfortable to ask questions and learn!
  • Thank you so much for all you've done this year. Your kindness, generosity, and willingness to meet students where they are is above and beyond. We are so lucky to have you at Jefferson.


Anthony Haynes – Fifth Grade

  • Mr. Haynes is incredibly supportive, kind, and encouraging. He makes his classroom fun and welcoming for all students. He is an amazing teacher!
  • My son was not excelling in 5th grade and really had no desire to come to school, until we got him switched to Mr Haynes. Mr Haynes was engaging, fun, patient, kind and helped to bring back my sons joy of learning again 
  • Mr. Haynes is awesome! Alyssa has enjoyed having you for a teacher this year! Thank you for being amazing!
  • Katelyn really enjoyed having Mr Haynes as a 5th grade teacher!



Chelsea Jones – First Grade

  • Thank you for your patient teaching!


Veronica Follett – Second Grade

  • You are always helping others, and making school fun. I might already be in middle school, but I still remember your cheerful smile and energy. You made me have such a good and happy school year in your first year of teaching. Thanks for being the best teacher I could ask for!
  • Mrs. Follett has been amazing for our daughter this year! She’s a kind and dedicated teacher who sees the best in her students and gets them excited to learn. Her energy is contagious and my daughter always comes home with great stories about how Mrs. Follett helped her through a challenge or offered support and encouragement.
  • Ms. Veronica (as she will always be known to my kids) is amazing! Thank you for all your hard work!
  • Veronica is an amazing person, inside and out!


Jill Patera – Second Grade

  • When he first arrived in the United States, my child was very uncomfortable. I am very grateful to our teacher for her patience and love, which made my child fall in love with school life.


Trish Doumit – Fourth Grade

  • Dear Ms. Doumit, I loved being in your class and you taught me so much. I loved doing the unit on the Oregon trail and all the fun activities we got to do when we did it. Your class helped me so much with my math and english. Thank you for being an awesome teacher!