LMS & PHS Bus Services


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Effective February 22nd, 2021

Bus service to and from LMS and PHS this year will be different because of the bus operating conditions around COVID.  These changes apply to the in-town (non-rural bus route) bus service that is typically provided by Pullman Transit.

As has always been the case, bus service is only provided to students that live outside a 1-mile radius of the school.  Additionally, because of the time constraints for the Pullman Transit buses, the buses will not be able to stop at of the usual Pullman Transit bus stops.  Bus stops have been established in a limited number of locations that may require the students to walk up to a mile to that stop.

Pullman Transit buses will only be able to transport 10 students/bus.  This may mean that if the bus is full, the student will need to wait for another bus to come along.  (Pullman School District buses will be providing some supplementary bus service to LMS and the PSD buses will allow one student/bus seat.  Pullman School District buses will be making a final sweep of established bus stops in the morning and providing bus rides to students that were not able to get on a Pullman Transit bus.)

Safety conditions for bus ridership:

  • Mask required - a properly worn mask must be on before boarding the bus and must be worn the entire bus trip 
  • Seat protocols:
    • Students must sit facing forward the entire bus trip
    • Students must only sit in designated seats as established Pullman Transit
    • Only siblings (or students living in the same household) will be allowed to sit together (the school will establish a pass system for siblings)
  • Bus passes must be used by the student to indicate if they attend school on an "A" day or a "B" day
  • Bus ridership will be limited to 10 students/bus for Pullman Transit buses
  • Bus stops will only be at the established stops that may be up to a 1 mile walk for the student

Thank you for your patience and cooperation. If you have any questions, please contact our Transportation Department by phone at (509) 334-3911 or by email at info@psd267.org.