PSD COVID Dashboard

PSD COVID-19 Dashboard: picture of covid-19 molecules


Updated May 27, 2022 - 10:30am

The table is updated at the end of each week, typically on a Friday, and will reflect case counts for a (7) seven day time period. This table is best viewed on a laptop or monitor.

The table below provides the following information:

  • Confirmed Cases= positive COVID-19 cases within the time period: 5/21/2022-5/27/2022.
  • Close Contacts= defined as those who spent 15 minutes or more within close contact (less than 3 feet apart) of a person with a confirmed case.
  • Building Status= notes about the school/building (e.g. closed for deep cleaning, # of classes in quarantine). A blank status indicates that the building is open as normal.

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Confirmed Cases 

Close Contacts in Quarantine 

Building Status
Franklin Elementary 3 0
Jefferson Elementary 5 0
Kamiak Elementary 1 0
Sunnyside Elementary 4 0
Lincoln Middle School 0 0
Pullman High School 10 0
 Support Staff 0  

**This table reflects newly confirmed cases and newly quarantined cases.