Stages of Reopening

The District Stages of Reopening document is based on the Washington State Department of Health Decision Tree for Provision of In-Person Learning among Public and Private K-12 Students during COVID-19, feedback, and information shared by other school districts currently serving students in-person. 

In addition, the document has been developed in consultation with the Whitman County Department of Health and guidance from Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA).

The Stages of Reopening will provide a process for Pullman Public Schools to bring back students in slow and structured format starting with our youngest students when the Whitman County Department of Health recommends that our district can begin bringing students back to school.

What is a slow start and why the slow start approach to reopening schools?

A slow start is the process of phasing students in slowly. A slow start will begin with an alternating schedule of groups attending school. The purpose of a slow start is based on guidance from public health officials to transition slowly, and utilize ample opportunities to carefully train and acclimate students to safety protocols in small groups.

Please note: An online only option will be available for families who do not wish for the students to return to in-person instruction. 

 Reopening Stages Document Last Revised: January 15, 2021

Approved by the School Board: January 27, 2021


The details of the document are subject to change as directives from governing authorities, health officials, or public health conditions determine.