Screening Requirements for Our Buildings

OSPI and the Washington State Department of Health require the school district to screen employees and visitors, each day, who will spend more than 15 minutes inside any district building. The purpose of this screening is to provide contact tracking of a possible Covid-19 infection and is designed to assist in tracking and limiting the spread of the virus. We recognize the burden this will place on staff and visitors and have developed a digital process to minimize this burden. A survey form has been created to collect responses from staff members daily. This form can be reached at HTTP://

Upon completion of this form, results will be recorded in a secure spreadsheet for archiving.

If staff or visitors respond with a "Yes" to any health related questions, the results will be forwarded securely to Michelle Hyatt, our district Nurse who will follow up with you privately.

A poster will be placed at each building's entrance with a QR code. Using a cell phone, this QR code will take you to the form, the screening form can be completed from a cell phone. We believe this to be a quick and effective method to meet the states DOH needs while reducing the impact on our staff.

Thank you in advance for all your efforts during these exceptional times.

COVID Screening Infographic

Washington State Department of Health Screening Requirements