PHS Teacher Appreciation Comments

Debbie Nakata – History

  • Thank you, Ms. Nakata, for being the most amazing teacher I have ever had. You helped me not only in school but history became my favorite subject and you will forever be my favorite teacher. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do! Miss you tons 


Craig Brantner – Strength Training & Weights

  • He cares about every student that comes into his class and shows it through his words and actions. I would have never thought about becoming a physical education teacher but he’s the reason why I’m getting a major in physical education and I couldn’t thank him enough for that. In the end, teachers truly make a difference in students lives and I want to do the same.  

Doug Winchell – Multimedia, Photography & Broadcasting

  • Mr. Winchell is simply the best! He does so much for the high school. He goes above and beyond for the students and staff.
  • I love Mr. Winchell… does he still have his barbie?

Melissa Mayer – Business Education Teacher & DECA Club Advisor

  • Thank you for all your efforts in giving our students the opportunity to compete at ICDC in Atlanta. It’s an experience they will never forget!


Michael Graise – Football Coach & Special Education Paraeducator

  • You've inspired me completely to get back out and do football again and actually try. I'll never forget how much this helped me.


Erin Rose – Sports Medicine

  • Thank you for your creativity, enthusiasm and patience in working with our son!


Andy Mielke – Choir, Band & Guitar Teacher

  • Mr. Mielke you make the class so fun and keep it so real so thanks
  • Such an amazing teacher! i look forward to his class every day and I love talking with him when I see him in the halls. He’s hilarious and deserves the world!!
  • My eldest son Richard loved your guitar class! You gave him a love of music that he didn't know he had!!


Erin Willy – American Literature, AP, and Civics

  • Thank you for everything you have done for me. I wouldn’t have made it this far without you. Thank you for believing in me when I didn’t even believe in myself. You are truly someone I look up to and want to become. I’m going to miss you SO much next year but you’ll always be my favorite and no never will be another Mrs. Willy <3
  • My high schoolers love Mrs. Willy
  • You were a favorite teacher to my eldest son Richard. He really enjoyed your class very much! Thank you for being an amazing teacher!!!
  • I’m pretty sure next to Mr. Hanley that she was also Logan‘s favorite teacher! In fact, we were just talking about her yesterday
  • Mrs. Willy takes those who are very unassuming and helps them to bloom!
  • I remember Mrs. Willy when I had her. She was one of my most favorite teachers and she was a light to everyone in the class. She was always happy and in a good mood and very passionate about her job. Even though I graduated in 2020 I still remember her and I have a great respect for her. ✊✊ keep it up Mrs. Willy


Robert Matthews – Agricultural Science Teacher

  • Mr Matthews is not only a hard-working teacher but a dedicated FFA advisor. He puts in 12-hour work days and help students individually to prepare for competitions. We appreciate all you do, Mr Matthews!


Andy Dephtereos – English

  • I appreciate all of your help and kindness and you for being a great teacher. I always look forward to coming to your class (except on twofer Tuesdays:)).


Johanna Brown – Chemistry and AP Computer Science

  • Thank you for being so compassionate and always having students’ best interests at heart! You’re a great teacher!


Jill Bickelhaupt – Family & Consumer Sciences Teacher/ CTE Director

  • I appreciate how helpful and kind to me you always are. I learned so many useful things in and always looked forward to going to your classes. You made my high school experience better!


Jan Estep – Math

  • Thank you for always working so hard to help us understand calculus even when we make the same mistakes over and over. Your devotion and enthusiasm have really helped me to keep going.
  • I loved math because of Miss Estep!!!
  • Ms. Estep is one of Peter’s favorite teachers ever!
  • Ms. Estep is my son's favorite teacher.
  • Miss Estep was the best teacher!
  • Mrs. Estep has always been a favorite of ours! She cares so much for the students and wants to see them learn in a very positive environment!
  • Thank you for being such an amazing teacher! I appreciate how you always know when a student is struggling and always help them out. You have been welcoming to all students, are supportive, kind, and funny. Thank you so much for this wonderful year! You've made calculus enjoyable! 


Sherree Komp – Math

  • Thank you so much for being so helpful and understanding of my learning pace. I have increased my confidence in myself and my skills in your class and I’m very grateful to you for that :)
  • My kids love Mrs. Komp! Awesome teacher and does a great job explaining math... she was a wonderful softball coach as well for my daughter!


Tim Schotzko – Woods & Metals Teacher

  • You the greatest teacher. Thank you for all that you do. Thanks for helping with my projects and teaching me so much stuff!


Jake Bledsoe – Physical Science & Physics

  • Words mean things so we all decided to send you some of our favorite words: Thank you!


Katie Wexler – Health & Fitness Teacher

  • Thank you, Mrs. Wexler, for helping me through freshman year and caring so much about me, you are one of my favorite teachers - I don't have many of those so thank you :)


Jacob Unzicker – Math

  • I guess you're cool Sensei U...
  • Mr. Unzicker has a real passion for Math


Dan Bromley – French

  • You always genuinely seem like you want to be teaching, and it’s very obvious you put a lot of time in to making class interesting. Thanks for always being an enthusiastic and helpful teacher.
  • Mr. Bromley is nothing short of a LEGEND in our house!
  • Mr. Bromley was one of the positive experiences my oldest had at school
  • FELICITATIONS, M. Bromley! 
  • Katelyn is really enjoying your class! Thank you for all your hard work!!


Olivia Craine – Science & GPS

  • Thank you so much for being that positive friendly teacher that we can trust


Eugene Winkler – Math & Science

  • Thank you, Mr. Winkler, for providing a math class that is engaging for our son. As parents, we appreciate the consistency of homework, quizzes, and tests.