LMS Teacher Appreciation Comments

Rex Thornton – Social Studies

  • Thank you for always being kind and funny and giving us candy.
  • You're an awesome teacher! P.S.- I promise I'm not just saying that because of candy! 
  • This class shows a great example of the perfect balance between fun, and getting stuff done. I really enjoy being in this class with a great teacher, happy Teacher Appreciation Week!
  • Thanks for being such a great teacher! I really appreciate your attitude towards school and feel like I’ve learned so much in your class. You also have great candy. 😃
  • Mr. Thornton has opened our student’s eyes to the history of the world. With his fun personality and open nature, our student is researching and presenting topics without a lot of complaining. He is a trusted figure to LMS students.
  • Mr Thornton has an awesome relationship with his middle schoolers. My kids thought he was one of the funnest teachers. Great sense of humor and a very good teacher!!


Carone Jones – English Language Arts

  • Thank you, Mrs. Jones, for always being bubbly and saying hi to everyone as they come in the doors! Also, thanks for putting up with B1s shenanigans.
  • Thanks for being there to talk to at the beginning of school when I’m bored. You listen to me rant about my classes and give me useful information. Thanks and have a good teachers appreciation week :) -Elsina B.
  • You are such a great teacher Carone Danelle you make English so much fun! My youngest loves your class and he says you are fun and you are an awesome teacher 


Katharine Covill – Orchestra

  • Mrs. Covill is SUCH an amazing teacher. She pushes us to be better and encourages us, as well as always making us laugh. There’s never a dull moment with Mrs. Covill!! :D
  • She is the best teach I've ever had. She is always so kind and understanding about our problems. She knows how to keep orchestra fun while we still learn. I'm glad you've taught me since 4th grade.
  • Mrs. Covill is amazing! She loves her students and is a fantastic teacher. She makes the school day fun!


Mimi Dissmore – Math Teacher

  • Miss Dissmore AMAZING! She ROCKS! Trust me you want her as a teacher. SHE IS THE BEST MATH TEACHER EVER! THANK YOU FOR BEING AN AMAZING TEACHER!!!!!
  • Hey you’re really fun and you taught me a lot, so thank you so much!
  • Ms. Dissmore is one of my favorite teachers, she is super kind and funny and I love the different pairs of earrings that she wears.
  • She has the ability to differentiate math concepts so all students in her class can successfully learn!
  • Thank you for making math understandable and FUN for the kids! You ROCK!
  • Best math teacher for my kids <3 they adored Ms. Dissmore and they had no problems understanding anything that she was teaching them! Keep up the great work Mimi 


Cameron Grow – Principal

  • He’s the best principal I have ever had. He’s very funny and awesome


Kealan Emerson – Art

  • She is so helpful and supportive during class. I really appreciate all she has done on the mural.


Savannah Helbling – Math

  • Mrs. Helbling, you’re easily my favorite teacher. You always are so supportive, and super helpful. You’re always there for me, even when I’m not feeling the best and not able to work. Thank you. - 3rd Block Student
  • Mrs. Helbling was the BEST math teacher I have ever had. Although I had her several years ago, I have never forgotten the positive experience I had with her in her class as a student and just seeing her in the hallways. I will never forget being her twin on twin day.


Becky Adderson – Math & English/Language Arts

  • You are one of the best teachers out there and you help me when I need help with work or when you see that I look down you see if I’m alright and I thank you for that


McKenzie Rowley – English/Language Arts

  • Thank you for being a truly outstanding teacher. Your passion for teaching and your dedication to your students is obvious in everything you do. I hope you know the priceless impact you are making on so many lives. 
  • Mrs. Rowley is so nice and patient!! It is obvious that she really cares about her students and making her lessons fun and interesting.
  • You are one of the best teachers out there and you help me when I need help with work or when you see that I look down you see if I’m alright and I thank you for that


Audrey Hamill – Math

  • Hey you’re cool and you teach me a lot, so thank you!


Janet Fulfs – Social Studies

  • You’re really fun to be around and you teach me a lot


  • Janet Fulfs you are an awesome teacher! You make socials fun and you are great at parent teacher communication!


Emma Haug – English/Language Arts

  • I love how she is ALWAYS so happy


Kim Peterson – Health & Fitness

  • You are the best teacher I have ever had. You are always happy and love to help. I won’t see you next year because I will be in high school. But you are still my favorite!   -Kaylynn Holt


Elizabeth Powell – Math

  • Thank you so much for being such a great teacher! You have helped me learn so much! I really appreciate it.
  • We appreciate how Ms. Powell holds her students accountable, has classroom control and consistent lesson plans, and garners her students' respect for her and learning. Our student is accelerating and loving math!


Parker Ruehl – English/Language Arts

  • Mr. Ruehl is not only an effective educator, he is caring, too. He celebrates his student's academic success and he highlights their contributions to the overall community of the classroom. We appreciate teachers that take the time to get to know our kids as humans and Mr. Ruehl does that!
  • Excellent teacher and very good with his students!


Laurie Hersey – Special Education

  • Laurie takes the time to listen and help each student be as successful as they can be in all areas of life.


Lance Lincoln – Health & Fitness Teacher

  • He is an awesome teacher! Mr. Lincoln is encouraging and very kind. He does a great job teaching how to stay healthy!