Kamiak Teacher Appreciation Comments

Madison Swim-Hotchkiss – First Grade

  • I love how you love to teach my child. He comes home delighted to talk about his day and all your plants.


Claren Boland – Special Education

  • Claren comes to work every day with a bright smile, positive attitude and vibrant energy! She works hard to make sure every kid feels loved and encouraged even on their hardest days. She cares for each of her students and paras and this classroom would fall apart without her! She is our fearless leader who is always willing to take over in a hard situation! We appreciate and love her so much!!
  • Claren loves the students who have special needs. She educates staff and students to see their worth. She advocates for their needs. She is excellent at balancing their sensory, emotional, social and educational needs.


Destiny Barker – Special Education

  • Destiny takes time for one on one response to student needs. She understands how their home environment affects their participation in class and gives them grace while helping them know they can learn.
  • Of all of the schools that I have subbed in, I have to say that I have never met another teacher quite as awesome has Destiny! She is amazing with our special crowd of kiddos. She is incredibly patient, kind and loving to every child she works with and I know that she gives her everything for her kids! Great job Destiny Barker Pullman schools is lucky to have you!!!
  • Mrs. Barker is hands down one of the most incredible and talented teachers I know!


Kelci Parker – Special Education

  • Miss Parker has a talent for improving student behavior. She creates effective hands on, whole body, kinesthetic lessons that keep the student's attention and help them want to learn.


Trish Blehm –  Third Grade Teacher

  • You were my favorite elementary school teacher! I miss you!
  • You are respectful, super nice and I like the way you teach me!!! AAV
  • Alyssa didn't have Mrs. Blehm that long last year but what a great experience it was for her and I both!
  • Jaysa still, and always will, love Mrs. Blehm! An amazing teacher and human!
  • Blaise and Boston love Mr. Blehm!


Leesa Savage – Kindergarten

  • My child absolutely loves you and your class, she loves coming to school and learning new things. I believe that a lot of this is due to having such an awesome teacher, thank you for all that you do for the kids.
  • My son loves Ms. Savage, she has been so wonderful <3


Caitlin Kelley – First Grade

  • Ms. Kelley has put so much effort into her lesson plans. Last week they learned about maps by exploring Disneyland, so my child came home and spent more time pouring over the map, and then wanted to explore more on Google Maps. I've seen the same in activities Ms. Kelley has prepared for math, writing, and science. She has helped my child to stretch and grow, without putting on additional pressure- something that has been so important for my kid to feel safe and have a great year. We're so impressed with all teachers who have been through it the last few years with very little support, but have still shown up for the children they teach.


Kelly Pollestad – Second Grade

  • She makes teaching come alive! She has a smile that is warm and inviting to all!