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Facility Rentals

Our school facilities are a great asset to our community and we make every effort to make them easy and economical for community groups to rent!

Rental rates help us partially cover the cost of staffing, utilities, and maintenance.

To rent a school facility:
1. Check calendar for availability
2. Prepare required documentation:
    • Proof of Liability Insurance (The district requires all requesting groups to provide current certificate of $1 million in liability insurance in order to be approved for a facility use account)
    • Statement of Compliance (All sports teams/athletics will need to submit a signed Statement of Compliance to HB 1824 and SB 5083 before a facility use account will be approved)
3. If available, request facility 


Facility Rental Fee Schedule
Pullman High School
  • Regular classrooms: $10.00 per hour*
  • Cafeteria: $15.00 per hour*
  • Gymnasium: $15.00 per hour*
Lincoln Middle School & All Elementary Schools
  • Regular classrooms: $10.00 per hour*
  • Cafeteria: $15.00 per hour*
  • Gymnasium: $15.00 per hour*
  • Incidental Fees Heat, lights and other incidentals: $5.00 per hour*


*Additional custodial fees may apply

For additional details about facility and equipment rental fees, including kitchen and auditorium rentals:
Facility Rental Fee Schedule




Certificates of coverage and compliance forms can be emailed to jhamilton@psd267.org or mailed to:


Pullman School District

Fiscal Office

240 SE Dexter

Pullman, WA 99163


Questions? Please contact Jennifer Hamilton at jhamilton@psd267.org or 509-332-2396


The Pullman School District facilities are available for community purposes provided requested use does not interfere with educational or district programs. District facilities are provided primarily for the education of students and that use will always be given first priority.   Activities must be consistent with the best interests of the district and not interfere with the regular conduct of the educational program.