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Media Opt Out

Dear Parent or Guardian,

Pullman Public Schools enjoys celebrating the achievements and activities of our students. There are times when our schools, athletics, activities, or events may be featured in various media. District staff may highlight and recognize student achievements and activities with our community through school and district newsletters, the news media (may include interviews), and on the internet (may include our website or social media). News reporters, photographers and/or film crews from TV, radio stations, newspapers or magazines may wish to photograph and/or film your child in relation to a story about our schools or students.  Your child’s name and grade may be included in the report. Classrooms may also participate in video-conferencing in the internet.


Our schools are also visited by community organization or partners who are providing services to students. There organizations or partners may wish to photograph your child and may want to use the photograph and/or your child’s name and the name of the school in their publications and informational materials.


Student achievements and activities may be published unless the parent/guardian directs otherwise.


If you choose to opt your student out of media, we will make every effort to honor your request. Please be aware that there may be circumstances when your child may be photographed or filmed beyond our control. Please discuss your wishes with your child so that she/he knows if you do not want them to be photographed or filmed.


Parents have the right to exclude their student’s name, photo, grade, school, and achievement/activities from publication. The opt-out form can be requested from any school office, by calling the district office at 509-332-3581, or is available on the district website (www.pullmanschools.org). Please note that this form must be re-submitted at the beginning of each school year.