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Parents » Out of District Students – District Choice Process

Out of District Students – District Choice Process

Pullman Public Schools have a legacy of welcoming students from neighboring districts to attend our schools, as space and programs can accommodate. As our district continues to grow rapidly, we have outgrown our current elementary classroom spaces. To address student growth, classroom space shortage and lower K-3 class sizes, our fantastic community generously approved a construction bond and we are in the process of building a fourth elementary school, Kamiak Elementary, which will open in fall of 2019.


For the 2018-2019 school year, due to a severe classroom space limitation, Pullman Public Schools is at or exceeding capacity in each of our elementary schools.  If space does become available, new out of district students will be selected from a waiting list. Parents wishing to have their student(s) added to the waiting list to attend school within the Pullman School District need to complete a school choice enrollment form. Forms can be found in the district office or on the district website (www.pullmanschools.org) under Parents/Forms. 


After the 2018-2019 year, we anticipate accepting out of district transfer students for the 2019-2020 school year. Thank you for understanding!



If my student lives outside of Pullman School District boundaries, how do I apply for my student to attend a Pullman School District school?

You must complete and submit to the Pullman School District Superintendent’s office form 3141F: Annual Request for Release and Application for Nonresident Admission.


If my student’s request to enroll in Pullman School District is not approved, how can I appeal?

The appeals process is outlined in policy 3141: Nonresident Students: “If the application is denied, the superintendent will notify the parent or guardian of the reason(s) for denial and the right to petition the board of directors, upon five school business day’s prior notice, for review of the decision and to have a hearing before the board at its next regular meeting. Following the hearing by the board, a final decision will be promptly communicated to the parent in writing.


The final decision of the district to deny the admission of a nonresident student may be appealed to the Superintendent of Public Instruction or his or her designee pursuant to the process detailed in RCW 28A.225.230.”



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Please contact Lani DeBuhr