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Board Meeting Schedule

Attending a Virtual School Board Meeting

Zoom Access for Members of the Public
If you are interested in observing a board meeting without providing comment, all meetings are live streamed for the viewing public at the Pullman Public Schools YouTube Channel.

If you would like to attend a regularly scheduled Pullman Public Schools Virtual Board Meeting to engage with the board during the visitors section, please register to attend by completing the Register to Attend A Pullman Public Schools Virtual School Board Meeting form. You will receive Zoom log-in information approximately 60 minutes prior to the start of the meeting to access the virtual meeting. Should you have questions, please contact Courtney Hodge at chodge@psd267.org for any support needed.

Citizens wishing to speak will wait for their name to be called and will be unmuted by the Zoom Moderator. Citizens will state their name and address before beginning comments to the Board. The board will listen, and may offer clarification, but will not discuss the topic at this time.  The board may consider moving the topic presented to a future meeting date as a discussion item. Please keep your comments civil and respectful, and limit your remarks to 3 minutes. No formal action will be taken on comments at this time.

The School Board does not receive public comment during Special Board Meetings. Should you wish to share comments with the School Board, please e-mail Board@psd267.org