Pullman Public Schools Ensuring Learning While Challenging and Supporting Each Student to Achieve Full Potential

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District » Pullman Promise: Our Priorities Plan

Pullman Promise: Our Priorities Plan

Pullman Promise

Our Priority

Our Goal

Success Indicators Measured By

Students First

We Provide:

·   A consistently welcoming, healthy, safe environment

·   Personalized learning for the growth and individual success of each student

·   Supportive, sustained relationships with each student

Prioritize actions to ensure a caring and safe environment to cultivate the highest levels of learning.

·   Student climate survey conducted (Fall) every 2-years by CEE

·   Student Achievement Measurements, 3rd-10th, and SAT results


Mutual Respect

·   Inclusive culture in which we value each individual and celebrate our community’s diversity

Foster a growth mindset that values the beliefs and experiences of all.

·   Closing achievement gap (State Assessment Data)

·   Community/Staff climate survey conducted every 2-years by CEE

Cultivate Trust

·   Communicate transparently

·   We assure fiscal responsibility now and for the future

Plan expenditures to meet students educational needs.

·   Community/Staff climate survey conducted every 2-years by CEE

·   Annual Budget/Fiscal Audit Report


Build Together

·   We honor our students’ futures

·   We cultivate authentic, collaborative relationships based on shared purpose

Empower all stakeholders to collaborate and pursue innovative means that prepare students for the future.

·   Career and Technical Course Offerings Board Report

·   Data Reporting of AP and College in the Classroom Opportunities Board Report


Take Action

·   We are accountable through measurable goals

·   We commit to constructive feedback and continuous improvement

Monitor teaching and learning; enhance curriculum, instruction, and assessment.

·   Graduation rate, based upon 4 and 5 year cohorts

·   Annual Alumni Outcome Survey conducted 18 months and 5 years after graduation

Shared Decisions

·   Data and feedback inform decisions about best practices, professional development, and student support programs

Support professional development, quality facilities, and sustainable initiatives to meet our mission and vision.

·   Annual (Spring) Professional Development Survey

  •  Annual Course Offerings and Program Board Reports