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PHS Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors:

Claire Cochran, Senior

Molly Jobson, Junior

Hua Ming Newman, Senior

Kellan Yoshikawa, Junior


PHS Student Ambassadors




District Administrators on Team: 

Bob Maxwell, Superintendent

Juston Pollestad, PHS Principal

Shannon Focht, Communications Coordinator



PHS Student Ambassadors is comprised of representatives from the junior and senior classes at Pullman High School. The group meets with the superintendent and other district staff three times during the school year to share information, provide feedback on the high school experience, and broaden the understanding of school-related issues.


Goals of PHS Student Ambassadors Group:

  • To develop leadership skills
  • To gain a greater understanding of educational issues through interaction and problem-solving with peers and community leaders
  • To provide student insight and perspective to the Board of Directors and District Administration
  • To build a lifelong commitment to the role and responsibility of community citizenship

Selection Process:

1. Applications are received by students.
2. The superintendent and a representative group of administrators will review all written applications and references submitted.
3. A representative group of building and district administrators will interview the applicants and select two juniors and two seniors to participate for the school year.


Juniors and Seniors currently attending Pullman High School may apply to be a Student Ambassador for the 2019-2020 school year. Each applicant will complete an application form that identifies his or her current academic year of enrollment, academic status and a personal statement of interest and application.

  • Students must have a least a 2.0 GPA.
  • Students will be expected to maintain personal standards of behavior appropriate to participation in student activities
  • Student references must include two (2) references total from the following people; a fellow student, a teacher, or another adult who works at Pullman High School, and/or a PHS administrator.


The Student Ambassadors serve as a representative voice for the PHS student body. As such, the Student Ambassadors will:

  • Provide student insight and perspective to district administration;
  • Serve as another communication pathway between PHS students and the district;
  • Share with other students about the work of the school district; and
  • Create two-way communication by bringing student issues to the Board and communicating the issues and projects the Board is working on back to the students.