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High Five!

October 11, 2019:
Shout out to Savannah Nelsen! Just want to say how much I appreciate how she is so on top of any changes in her after school plans when they occur.  Every single time I get an updated sheet with the information.  The little things easily become the big things in the after school rush.  Really appreciate her organization to help others.
                   -Carmen Roberts, Sunnyside Elementary Head Secretary/Office Manager
Shout out to the PSD267 Staff for making substitutes feel welcome! All the staff member have shown support with their kindness, simple smiles, hallway greetings and the helpful hints for substitute. 
                   -Mei Clark, Substitute Para-Pro
Shout out to Lani DeBuhr!  Lani gave the staff links page of our website a much-needed overhaul and it looks AMAZING! Thank you!
                   -Shannon Focht, District Communications Coordinator
October 4, 2019:
Shout out to Stephanie Bray, Katie Evermann, and Haylee Fishback for supporting me in the classroom and being amazing examples of showing that “Every Franklin Fox is my Franklin Fox!”
                   -Heather Strader, Franklin Elementary Kindergarten Teacher
Shout out to Diane Hodge and Berenisse Bencomo for all of their extra effort trying to help us make sense of the insurance change over and options. -Robin Hendrickson
                 -Robin Hendrickson, Franklin Elementary Library Para-Pro
Shout out to Keith Russell! I am very appreciative of having such a clean health room! Thank you Keith! 
                 -Michelle Hyatt, District Nurse
Shout out to Evan Hecker! This is a big shout out to let you know about the hard working, persistent Principal we have here at Kamiak Elementary!  Evan is always on the run, doing his best to support ALL  Kamiak Students, teachers, and para professionals with a smile on his face.   Thank goodness the man is an athlete!!!
                 -Jill Brockmier, Kamiak Elementary First Grade Teacher
September 27, 2019:
Shout out to Garren Shannon! Thank you for letting me shadow you and help map the Wi-Fi connectivity at KES. It was a great opportunity to visit classrooms and see the work that you do to make our district’s technology run smoothly!
                   -Bob Maxwell, District Superintendent
Shout out to Trish Blehm! Thank you for letting me work with one of your students this week and read to your entire class. Thank you for your ability to meet the unique needs of all students in your classroom!
                   -Bob Maxwell, District Superintendent
Shout out to Mimi Dissmore! I enjoyed shadowing you this week working on calculating the surface area of pyramids and prisms. It was awesome. Your students are lucky to have a teacher that is passionate about math instruction!
                   -Bob Maxwell, District Superintendent
Shout out to Justin Marley! I had a great time shadowing you this morning and learning how to do the bus pre and post trips! You are a great driver, and I am grateful that your students are greeted by your friendliness each morning!
                   -Bob Maxwell, District Superintendent
Shout out to our tech department for their diligent work to get our network back up and running yesterday, and thank you to all staff for their patience and flexibility!
                   -Bob Maxwell, District Superintendent
Shout out to the LMS Staff! I just wanted to give a huge shout out to some of my amazing co-workers today.  Not just as a teacher, but also as a parent.  My son Eric, who is a 5th grader, broke his arm this morning at Franklin before school.  I was already teaching my first period class.  When my phone rang the first time, I answered, but the call got disconnected before it was transferred.  When it rang again, I let it go to voice mail.  Mary Lopes came to find me to let me know I needed to call the nurse at Franklin.  The nurse took great care of my son (even with him puking from getting hurt) until I could get there to get him.  Michelle Dunlap was worried about him and asked us to please let her know how he was doing.  Cameron Grow was amazing and offered to find teachers to cover my classes for the rest of the day.  Robin McDougle helped find Cameron and called to find a teacher on their prep to cover my class. Jeff Martin stepped up with no notice to cover my first period class.  Marla Haugen covered my 2nd period and created a lesson for them with no notice either since the computers weren’t working for her.  Geoff Reilly also created a lesson that actually covered the topics I needed covered today (I even used his lesson for my 7th period!).  I couldn’t do this job without my village surrounding me.  I didn’t have time to create sub plans, and yet, I knew my students would be taken care of.  Also, a HUGE shout out to my AWESOME 1st period 6th graders, who picked up the lesson after the phone rang, and to the couple of students who took over to finish the lesson.  They ran the discussion, helped other students stay on task, and finished the class diagram/model to the agreement of all the students.  I am so proud of them!
                   -Heidi Fluegel, Lincoln Middle School Science Teacher
Shout out to Marie Wallace! Marie has her food handlers permit and jumped right in to help get hash browns on trays where they belong.   So many of the staff here are willing to go above and beyond to help each other out. Thank you, Marie!!!
                   -Diane Hathaway, Jefferson Elementary First Grade Teacher
Shout out to Stephanie Wysup! Stephanie’s commitment to her students is shown daily in seeing both her interactions with students all day and communicating with families long after school ends. She finds the time on top of this to head the social committee and help us all think and appreciate others!
                   -Shelley Opgenorth, Kamiak Elementary Third Grade Teacher
Shout out to Shelley Opgenorth! I appreciate how Shelley actively addresses concerns about her students. She is currently working with a student who spends a great amount of time living in his downstairs brain, and works to not to not only have her student acknowledge his feelings, but what to do when he acknowledges them, and how to sooth and calm himself. I also appreciate her use of positive behavior supports with this student and all students. She smiles, high fives, and dishes out verbal praise to reinforce expected behaviors. 
                   -Evan Hecker, Kamiak Elementary Principal
Shout out to the Kamiak Staff! Thank you all for working so hard to build a great school. Without you and your staffs’ hard work, Kamiak would just be a building. 
                   -Nathan Roberts, District School Board Member
September 20, 2019:
Shout out to John Naranjo and Lester Erwin for safely (and without using pesticides) eradicating a hornets nest next to the FES playground... with only one sting to show for it.
                   -Joe Thornton, District Director of Operations
Shout out to Haylee Fishback for teaching a PE class of 1st graders (quietly, even!) in a hallway! This was the epitome of flexibility and patience. Thank you for quickly taking action to accommodate needs in your school!
                   -Shannon Focht, District Communications Coordinator
Shout out to the IT department and specifically Kameron Haramoto! He has come to help fix every problem we've had in computer science, been patient with questions and has made me feel more confident in my own skills! His incredible kindness really helped make AP Computer Science start off well. Additionally, Ryan Dunlap and Garren Shannon have both supported me a ton. Thank you!
                   -Johanna Brown, Pullman High School Computer Science Teacher
September 13, 2019:
Should out to Tammy Lehmitz!  A very HUGE thank you  for doing the impossible and arranging for transportation for one of our M-V eligible families needing transport on a short timeline. Tammy was so professional and very “can-do” about the whole affair!  She worked a miracle and got transportation [organized] within 24 hours of our request.  Amazing.   Thank you, thank you, thank you.
                 -Paula Cartwright, Lincoln Middle School Counselor
Shout out to Jo Brown! In an effort to cut down on single use plastics Jo is working on amassing some mismatched silverware that can be used for PHS staff functions. Awesome!
                 -Bob Maxwell, District Superintendent
Shout out to Evan Hecker! For inspiring a culture at Kamiak with special emphasis on self-care, wellness, and work life balance. This is so important!
                 -Bob Maxwell, District Superintendent
Shout out to Stacey Estenson our school counselor at Kamiak for putting Students First and Cultivating Trust. Stacey has taken the time to visit our classrooms to introduce herself and teach our students what she does and how she can help them. This was a super engaging and light hearted opportunity for her to make herself known. I love that she did this with the whole class because it helps put an end to the stigma of visiting with the school counselor. I’m glad they all know she’s available if they need someone to listen or help them problem solve.
                 -Emily Poston, Kamiak Elementary Fifth Grade Teacher
Shout out to Craig McCormick!  Awesome work teaching students the value of civic engagement and responsibility as they study the constitution!
                 -Bob Maxwell, District Superintendent
September 6, 2019:
Shout out to All Staff! Each of you have contributed to making this a smooth start to the school year. Well done and greatly appreciated.
                 -Bob Maxwell, District Superintendent
Shout out to Lani DeBuhr for the job shadow suggestion! Such a great idea, and I’m excited to get it started!
                 -Bob Maxwell, District Superintendent
Shout out to Abby Stolp!  Explicitly setting expectations in her classroom around culture (Respect).  She is also asking for and giving feedback! Also, using most “everything” from Orientation – already called home most of her families to share something positive about their student!
                 - Grace Grow and Joni Stevens, TOSAs
Shout out to Kelcie Peterson! Positive and supportive with her students and team during challenging situations!
                 - Grace Grow and Joni Stevens, TOSAs

Shout out to Rayna Charles!  Being resourceful with students to support their needs as learners and sharing compliments with others! 
                 - Grace Grow and Joni Stevens, TOSAs
Shout out to Kevin Agnew!  Working to learn more about students by getting out of his classroom and into the social spaces.
                 - Grace Grow and Joni Stevens, TOSAs 
Shout out to Parker Ruehl!  Creating a culture of HOPE in his classroom by building productive relationships with students from DAY 1. He did an activity for students to identify their GOALS for the year – what will those Look, Sound, and Feel like!
                 - Grace Grow and Joni Stevens, TOSAs 
Shout out to Mary Krumpl!  Witnessed her interactions with Kinder students and it is obvious she comes from a place of encouragement with all students.  She is also seeking feedback and reflecting on how to best set up her space to create a culture for learning.
                 - Grace Grow and Joni Stevens, TOSAs  
Shout out to Destiny Barker! Willing to support students and teachers however she can (helping find students that lost their way).
                 - Grace Grow and Joni Stevens, TOSAs  
Shout out to Amanda Ingram! Asking questions, seeking advice and feedback.  She wants to do better and improve. Smiling and welcoming to all that enter her classroom.
                 - Grace Grow and Joni Stevens, TOSAs 
Shout out to Stacey Estensen! Have you seen her office? Creating a safe, welcoming space for students.  Supporting KES in any and all ways needed.
                 - Grace Grow and Joni Stevens, TOSAs
August 30, 2019:
Shout out to Roberta Kramer! Even after a really long day, I noticed you took the time (at 8pm, no less!) to talk with a parent about their child, showing compassion and concern.
                 -Shannon Focht, District Communications Coordinator
Shout out to Claudia Mickas! Claudia made sweet paper fortune cookies with kind messages inside, and handed them out to students arriving for their first day of school!
                 -Bob Maxwell, District Superintendent
Shout out to Kamiak Staff! They rolled out a (paper!) red carpet for all of the students arriving on the first day! Such a fun way to welcome students!
                 -Bob Maxwell, District Superintendent
Shout out to PHS ASB and Mrs. Willy for running a solid PHS Block Party.  Students had a great time hanging out, playing games, and getting dinner from the food truck!  Thank you club advisors for attending and reaching out to students to help them get involved and join a club.  This was perhaps the most well attended event by our staff that I can remember.  WHAT AN AWESOME WAY TO START THE YEAR!!! I appreciate you taking time to come out and support our students.  They also appreciate seeing you in a different environment.  It’s another GREAT way for us to show that we care about them both inside and outside of the classroom.
                 -Juston Pollestad, Pullman High School Principal 
Shout out to the Jefferson Core+ Team! The Jefferson kindergarten teachers want to give a shout out to all the Core Plus staff. They have been an amazing help to us during our Wa-Kids conferences. They have made our newest JES students feel special and comfortable! Thanks for taking such great care of them this week! 
                 -Jefferson Elementary Kindergarten Teachers
Shout out to the Summer Maintenance Crew! I would like them to know how much I appreciate their hard work in delivering all the curriculum and special education supplies to each school. Our hallway was completely cluttered with boxes and they cleared it out in one day in the heat. Incredible!
                 -Kerrin McMillen, Instructional Programs Office Assistant 
Shout out to the Maintenance Department - (John, Gwen, Lester, Justin, Ernest, Kevin, Gary, Michael and the summer crew: Trevor, Tim, Pepper, Scott, Lucy, Carson , Aron!) What they accomplished this summer was, in my opinion, amazing. The district generated a list of over 100 summer projects that needed to get done, some small…most large.  Minus the projects that were earmarked for September or before winter, the maintenance crew knocked out +/- 85 projects this summer.  This was on top of the usual summer stuff that needs to happen, landscaping, moving, fixing irrigation and fixing other broken stuff.  Oh yeah…then there was the move into Kamiak that involved thousands of boxes of materials, curriculum and furniture that needed to be delivered….with the help of an amazing summer crew, who turned out to be mostly former PSD students.
                 -Joe Thornton, District Director of Operations
Shout out to the Instructional Technology Department! (Garren, Kameron, Aaron, Alex and Matt) for working on all of the vast amount of technology upgrades, computers, phones, and intercoms. Well Done!
                 -Bob Maxwell, District Superintendent
Shout out to the LMS Staff! There was a lot of love in the building today.  I witnessed so many people, staff and students, helping each other in stressful, busy, hectic conditions.  Just because that’s what we do.  It’s a big part of the reason that I love working at Lincoln.  Nice job, everyone.” –Michael Riley
                 -Michael Riley, Lincoln Middle School Social Studies Teacher
July 3, 2019:
Shout out to our awesome transportation department! Our school buses once again had exceptional inspection results from the
Washington State Patrol! 👍
March 7, 2019:
High Five! I want to recognize Emily Poston - I appreciate how present Emily is in the community. She is such a positive role model for Pullman Schools! 
                   -Alison Weigley, Rotary Club President Elect 
High Five! I want to recognize Pam Brantner - Pam is professional, caring and always follows through! Pullman Schools are lucky to have Pam who really cares about students and the community. 
                  -Colleen Hinman, Rotary Club President
High Five! I want to recognize Bob Maxwell for his presentation to the Pullman Rotary Club.
                 -Lou Ann Heroff, Rotary Club Member
February 7, 2019:
High Five! I want to recognize Kimi Emerson - As a volunteer sponsor for K-Kids she has helped bring the opportunity for service to Sunnyside Elementary students. Kimi also has a wonderful spirit and great ideas.  
                   -Larry Clark, Kiwanis Board of Directors Member
High Five! I want to recognize Garren Shannon - I appreciate Garren's drive, passion and energy as he works to advance community initiatives which impact and support our youth- thank you! 
                  -Francis Benjamin, Kiwanis Immediate Past President
High Five! I want to recognize Wendy Kruger - She is a WONDERFUL PE Teacher!  
                 -Janell Focht, Kiwanis Member
High Five! I want to recognize Frieda Nutsch - She helps students and cares about them. She also helps Kiwanis & Rotary with our breakfast and dinners at Lincoln Middle School. 
                 -Glenn Johnson, Kiwanas Member
High Five! I want to recognize Charlie Hammerich - He goes on field trips to support children. He is an AWESOME human being!  
                 -Katie Schweitzer, Kiwanis Member
High Five! I want to recognize Lester Erwin - He is one of the most respectful people I k now. He makes sure others have a chance to share ideas and genuinely listens. 
                 -Kaylee Hammerlich, Kiwanis Member
High Five! I want to recognize Art Powers - He has created a wrestling program that supports kids of all abilities!   
                 -Suzy Scott, Kiwanis Member
High Five! I want to recognize Kandice Held - She is just so awesome with the kids she works with! 
                 -Devon Felsted, Kiwanis Member
High Five! I want to recognize Michelle Dunlap - She knows every single student at Franklin and is a cheerful and kind representative of the school. 
                   -Dawn Butler, Kiwanis Member
High Five! I want to recognize Rob McPherson -  He helps across disciplines to help Theatre Arts in their productions. Nice Job!  
                  -Jeff Guyett, Kiwanis Member
January 4, 2019:
Terry Parker deserves a major high five! Thank you for going above and beyond to care for our students - you make Pullman a great place to live. ❤️
October 16, 2018:

I want to write to give a public thanks to Doug Winchell We all know that he’s a great and talented guy, and I wanted to add to that.


He was recording our concert last night, and by the time I got home, we have it uploaded to YouTube and streaming on Hound Central.  My kids could immediately watch themselves, and share the link with family members that couldn’t make the concert.  In addition, it was a very well shot video that I was proud to get to show off.  Teachers in other places talk about teaching on an island, and not having resources or help – an act like this shows that PHS wants to be different.  It’s putting kids first, and even when they don’t recognize that another adult had to be away from home to have that happen – they appreciate it, and I appreciate it. 


Thanks Doug!  I’m proud to get to work with you.


Andrew Mielke

PHS Band / Choir / Guitar / Drama

August 7, 2018:

Our fantastic team at Pullman High School implemented a comprehensive update to their attendance procedures this past year and the results are AMAZING.

Unexcused absences dropped from 2191 in 2016-2017 to 1221 in 2017-2018!

The Community Truancy Board met with students at risk of heading to truancy court and the intervention had a remarkable impact.

The success of this work is commendable, and we are pleased to adopt the program at the middle school this fall.

Read more: http://dnews.com/local/pullman-high-sees-percent-decrease-in-unexcused-absences/article_48cd4002-2b0f-5e6b-9fab-07b06fbd00f5.html

Do you know a school, program, or staff member that deserves a special shout out? Email it to sfocht@psd267.org