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High Five!

July 3, 2019:
Shout out to our awesome transportation department! Our school buses once again had exceptional inspection results from the
Washington State Patrol! 👍
March 7, 2019:
High Five! I want to recognize Emily Poston - I appreciate how present Emily is in the community. She is such a positive role model for Pullman Schools! 
                   -Alison Weigley, Rotary Club President Elect 
High Five! I want to recognize Pam Brantner - Pam is professional, caring and always follows through! Pullman Schools are lucky to have Pam who really cares about students and the community. 
                  -Colleen Hinman, Rotary Club President
High Five! I want to recognize Bob Maxwell for his presentation to the Pullman Rotary Club.
                 -Lou Ann Heroff, Rotary Club Member
February 7, 2019:
High Five! I want to recognize Kimi Emerson - As a volunteer sponsor for K-Kids she has helped bring the opportunity for service to Sunnyside Elementary students. Kimi also has a wonderful spirit and great ideas.  
                   -Larry Clark, Kiwanis Board of Directors Member
High Five! I want to recognize Garren Shannon - I appreciate Garren's drive, passion and energy as he works to advance community initiatives which impact and support our youth- thank you! 
                  -Francis Benjamin, Kiwanis Immediate Past President
High Five! I want to recognize Wendy Kruger - She is a WONDERFUL PE Teacher!  
                 -Janell Focht, Kiwanis Member
High Five! I want to recognize Frieda Nutsch - She helps students and cares about them. She also helps Kiwanis & Rotary with our breakfast and dinners at Lincoln Middle School. 
                 -Glenn Johnson, Kiwanas Member
High Five! I want to recognize Charlie Hammerich - He goes on field trips to support children. He is an AWESOME human being!  
                 -Katie Schweitzer, Kiwanis Member
High Five! I want to recognize Lester Erwin - He is one of the most respectful people I k now. He makes sure others have a chance to share ideas and genuinely listens. 
                 -Kaylee Hammerlich, Kiwanis Member
High Five! I want to recognize Art Powers - He has created a wrestling program that supports kids of all abilities!   
                 -Suzy Scott, Kiwanis Member
High Five! I want to recognize Kandice Held - She is just so awesome with the kids she works with! 
                 -Devon Felsted, Kiwanis Member
High Five! I want to recognize Michelle Dunlap - She knows every single student at Franklin and is a cheerful and kind representative of the school. 
                   -Dawn Butler, Kiwanis Member
High Five! I want to recognize Rob McPherson -  He helps across disciplines to help Theatre Arts in their productions. Nice Job!  
                  -Jeff Guyett, Kiwanis Member
January 4, 2019:
Terry Parker deserves a major high five! Thank you for going above and beyond to care for our students - you make Pullman a great place to live. ❤️
October 16, 2018:

I want to write to give a public thanks to Doug Winchell.  We all know that he’s a great and talented guy, and I wanted to add to that.


He was recording our concert last night, and by the time I got home, we have it uploaded to YouTube and streaming on Hound Central.  My kids could immediately watch themselves, and share the link with family members that couldn’t make the concert.  In addition, it was a very well shot video that I was proud to get to show off.  Teachers in other places talk about teaching on an island, and not having resources or help – an act like this shows that PHS wants to be different.  It’s putting kids first, and even when they don’t recognize that another adult had to be away from home to have that happen – they appreciate it, and I appreciate it. 


Thanks Doug!  I’m proud to get to work with you.


Andrew Mielke

PHS Band / Choir / Guitar / Drama

August 7, 2018:

Our fantastic team at Pullman High School implemented a comprehensive update to their attendance procedures this past year and the results are AMAZING.

Unexcused absences dropped from 2191 in 2016-2017 to 1221 in 2017-2018!

The Community Truancy Board met with students at risk of heading to truancy court and the intervention had a remarkable impact.

The success of this work is commendable, and we are pleased to adopt the program at the middle school this fall.

Read more: http://dnews.com/local/pullman-high-sees-percent-decrease-in-unexcused-absences/article_48cd4002-2b0f-5e6b-9fab-07b06fbd00f5.html

Do you know a school, program, or staff member that deserves a special shout out? Email it to sfocht@psd267.org