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COVID-19 School Closure Information » Reopening Schools Task Force

Reopening Schools Task Force

The purpose of the Reopening Schools Task Force is to provide guidance and review recommendations from the Reopening Schools subcommittees for finalizing a plan to safely reopen schools in the fall of 2020 in accordance with guidelines provided by the state superintendent's office.


Timeline: Subcommittees are asked to submit recommendations to the Task Force by August 1.


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Results from Spring and Summer surveys


Steering Committee Meeting Minutes
Subcommittee Minutes
Subcommittee Members
  • Roberta Kramer, Assistant Superintendent, Co-Chair
  • Jim Bruce, JES Principal, Co-Chair
  • Juston Pollestad, PHS Principal
  • Tammy Sewell, LMS Assistant Principal
  • Alex Gordon, Technology
  • Grace Grow, TOSA
  • Joni Stevens, TOSA
  • Brooke Whiting, Elementary Parent
  • Sara Hawreliak, LMS Parent
  • Kimberly Carper, PHS Parent
  • Analisa Kiblen, K-2 Teacher
  • Trisha Doumit, 3-5 Teacher
  • Mimi Dissmore, LMS Teacher
  • Johanna Brown, PHS Teacher
  • Jen Harbour, Elementary Specialist
  • Katharine Covill, Secondary Specialist
  • Cora Miskin, LMS Student
  • Madi Wolfe, PHS Student
  • Diane Hodge, Co-Chair
  • Dagny Myers, Co-Chair
  • Ryan Dunlap, Technology
  • Rex Thornton, Teacher
  • Tammy Storey, Paraeducator
  • Brian Groseclose, Custodian
  • Lynda Hamilton, Secretary
  • Garren Shannon, Technology Director, Chair
  • Matt Heiszler, Technology
  • Nick Brannon, Parent
  • Chelsea Jones-Dinger, Elementary Teacher
  • Heidi Fluegel, LMS Teacher
  • Danielle DeMartin, PHS Teacher
  • Alexa Beckett, Paraeducator
  • Stephanie Bray, FES Principal, Co-Chair
  • Evan Hecker, KES Principal, Co-Chair
  • Natalie Dobbins, Behavior TOSA
  • Jessica Viergutz, Mental Health Therapist
  • Katie Vandemark, Elementary Counselor
  • Deanna Kile, Secondary Counselor
  • Liz Quinley, K-2 Teacher
  • Meg Conley, 3-5 Teacher
  • Connie Hoyle, LMS Teacher
  • Erin Willy, PHS Teacher
  • Yelonda Wilke, Paraducator
  • Shannon Focht, District Communications, Co-Chair
  • Pam Brantner, SES Principal, Co-Chair
  • Kameron Haramoto, Technology
  • Nathan Roberts, Board Member
  • Nancy Nelson, Teacher
  • Claudia Mickas, Paraeducator
  • Denise Thompson, Secretary
  • Cristina Johnson-Hyde, Special Services Director, Co-Chair
  • Cameron Grow, LMS Principal, Co-Chair
  • Paula Bates, Homeless and Foster Liaison, Instructional Programs
  • Katie Evermann, Counselor
  • Marci Sontgerath, Teacher – General Education
  • Dom Ventresco, Elementary Teacher – Special Education
  • Becky Adderson, Secondary Teacher – Special Education
  • Kelli Dahmen, Teacher – ELD
  • Charlie Hammerich, Paraducator
  • Edie Talbot, Paraeducator
  • Kim Mowbray, Specialist
  • Jessie Armstrong, SLP
  • Staci Bickelhaupt, Secondary Parent
  • Lindsey Rivera, Elementary parent
  • Alexa Broughton, School Psychologist
  • Joe Thornton, Executive Director of Operations, Chair
  • Tammy Lehmitz, Transportation Supervisor, Co-Chair
  • Jessie Campbell, Food Service Supervisor, Co- Chair
  • Richard Carbonneau, PHS, Food Service
  • Ernest Yaggi, Maintenance
  • Joe Thornton, Executive Director of Operations, Chair
  • Michelle Hyatt, Lead Nurse, Chair
  • Debbie Crabtree, PHS Assistant Principal
  • Bill Dolph, Assistant Transportation Supervisor
  • Kathleen Harris, Parent
  • Jill Bickelhaupt, Teacher
  • Carmen Roberts, Secretary
  • Cathy Dahlin, Paraeducator
  • Ana Goodman-Womack, Paraeducator
  • Robert Taylor, Custodian
  • Katie Hryniewicz, Physician
  • Ben Stone, Health Department
  • Joe Thornton, Executive Director of Operations, Chair
  • Chris Franklin, PHS Assistant Principal, Chair
  • John Narjano, Maintenance Supervisor
  • Denise Thompson, Secretary
  • Cooper Jaquish, Custodian
  • Amy Ripley, Secondary Teacher
  • Matt Coulter, PHS Coach
  • Danielle Kallaher, PHS Boosters
  • Karen Tevik, LMS Boosters
  • Hillary Lovinger, Sunnyside PTO
  • Cheryl Stout, Kamiak PTA
  • Deborah Collins, Franklin PTA
  • Joe Thornton, Executive Director of Operations, Chair
  • Tammy Sewell, LMS Assistant Principal, Chair
  • Sandra Casanova, Elementary Teacher
  • Jan Estep, Secondary Teacher
  • Kristen Coke-Sutton, Paraeducator
  • Kathy Dodson, Paraeducator
  • Amy Rogers, Parent
  • Lacey Casquiero, Sunnyside PTO
  • Kelli Cooper, Jefferson PTA
Reopening Schools Planning Process