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Frequently Asked Questions


What You Need to Know

Pullman Public Schools will be closed from March 16 through June 19, the last day of the 2019-2020 school year.  

Is the district providing online/distance learning?
Updated 3/30: Pullman Public Schools will be providing online/distance learning for students starting the week of March 30th.

On March 26th, OSPI updated districts in Washington State of the expectations to provide students with opportunities to engage and learn, rather than activities and resources. 

A week-by-week guide of what families and students can expect from our teachers during this school closure, and activities and resources for students can be found here. Please note that this is subject to change based on future OSPI guidance.

How will students be graded on work completed during /online distance learning?
4/28: A comprehensive document outlining grading expectations for continued learning can be found here
Elementary Grading Guidance
LMS Grading Guidance
PHS Grading Guidance

How will Pullman Public Schools be keeping families, staff, and students informed regarding Coronavirus and information related to the closure?
As soon as new information becomes available, it will be posted to our district website.  Additional notifications may be sent out through call, email, text messages, or posted on school doors. Please make sure your contact information is up to date at your child's school.

How can parents pick up a student's medication or personal items from a school?
To pick up medications please make an appointment with district nurse Michelle Hyatt: 509-432-4536.
To pick up personal items, please call the student's school to make an appointment. 

Can families use outdoor school facilities, such as fields and playgrounds?
Until further notice, all playground equipment on school district property is closed. Playgrounds are often a gathering place, and we want to do our part to help limit the spread of coronavirus. We know our playgrounds are frequently used by families and encourage families to seek other ways to spend time outdoors with their children. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your cooperation, as we do our part to keep our Pullman community safe.

How will students receive enrichment learning activities?
Our teachers have developed activities and resources to help support students, and starting the week of March 30th, teachers will provide online/distance learning for students. For more information.

When is the last day of preschool?
May 28, 2020.
When is the last day of school for K-12?  
On April 6, 2020 Governor Inslee and State Superintendent, Chris Reykdal, announced that schools will be closed for the remainder of the 2019-20 school year in order to slow the spread of COVID-19 Coronavirus. The Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) stated that districts are required to make every effort possible to make-up any days and instructional hours lost due to the COVID-19 outbreak, including extending the school year to June 19, 2020.

We understand that continued school closures are difficult on students, staff, families and the entire community. Being unable to return to school is disappointing news for all of us. The extended closure also raises numerous questions for students and families. We continually work to answer your questions as quickly as possible providing you the most current information we have available. The following are dates regarding the remainder of the academic year.
  • June 6 - Pullman High School graduation. The PHS administrative team is working with seniors on the specific details for graduation. In-person graduation will be modified and/or delayed. Additional information will be shared in the coming weeks.
  • June 12 - Last day of classes for seniors. During the week of June 8 – 12, seniors will be wrapping up year-end items (picking up personal items, paying fines, completing course work if necessary, etc.).
  • June 19 - Last day of school. This date complies with OSPI’s guidance regarding the last day of school for the 2019-2020 school year. This demonstrates a “good faith effort” by Pullman Public Schools to show effort towards meeting the instructional hours for students.
How can families request a refund of 5th grade camp payment?
Refunds will be provided automatically. A check will be mailed to the student's home address.
Will 5th Grade Camp be Rescheduled?

4/28: On April 6, 2020 Governor Inslee, and Superintendent Chris Reykdal announced that schools will be closed for the remainder of the 2019-20 school year in order to slow the spread of COVID-19 Coronavirus. Unfortunately, this means that many school events, including 5th grade camp, have been cancelled. We know this is a beloved tradition in Pullman and that this is disappointing for our students, staff, and families.

While camp has been cancelled for this spring, we are brainstorming other possibilities to provide this outdoor education opportunity for our current 5th graders. We are exploring options, including the potential of offering a camp experience this fall. In the meantime, all 5th grade camp deposits have been returned by mail to families.

How will students recieve yearbooks?
Each school is working on a pickup system:

Pullman High School:

4/27: The PHS yearbook has been completed and sent into the yearbook plant to be printed.  Students who have purchased a yearbook will receive that book. We are dealing with delayed production due to the temporary printing plant closures so we have no way to know when we will be able to distribute the yearbook, although we are hoping it will be close to our original distribution timeline of late May/early June.

There are still about 130 yearbooks left to be purchased for $60 each.   Yearbooks can be purchased online  using our InTouch payment system or by check please send it to the attention of Laura Lacy c/o Pullman High School, 510 NW Greyhound Way.

If you have any questions please contact Mrs. Melissa Mayer at mmayer@psd267.org.  

Lincoln Middle School:
Yearbooks will be mailed to students' home addresses. If you have already ordered a yearbook, please update your TreeRing account with your home address for delivery. If you have questions, please contact Deni Claypool at dclaypoolpsd267.org.

What is the process for picking up student's belonging from lockers/desks/etc?
Each school is working on a process and will be sending home a letter with instructions for picking up a student’s personal items.  
Will transcripts for high schoolers look different?
4/29: High school transcripts will have a symbol noting which courses students participated in during the COVID-19 school closure. More information about grading expectations during the school closure can be found here.

How can parents/guardians support their student’s learning at this time?
Our teachers have developed activities and resources to help support students, and starting the week of March 30th, teachers will provide online/distance learning for students. For more information.

Manyelementary teachers are providing students and families with a weekly schedule of assignments each Monday, to help students manage their work well. Please reach out to your student's teacher if you have questions about a weekly schedule.

LMS has developed a weekly schedule to help students and families manage distance learning. For more information.

My student is worried about grades, college, and AP exams. What can we do?
Continue to reassure your student that this is a nationwide concern.  As guidance is posted, we will be sure to post it to the district website.

What do I do if I don't have internet access?
Please see our Technology Support page for more information. 

My child has a concern and needs the support of their school counselor. What do we do?
Feel free to reach out to your student’s school counselor or principal by email.

Will the YMCA be operational?
The YMCA is not currently operating their programs in district school buildings.

Will students be able to checkout Chromebooks to take home during the school closure?
Pullman Public Schools recognizes that not all families have enough devices for their students at home. We have Chromebooks available for families that do not have a device per child for their student/s to utilize for educational activities during this school closure. Families are welcome to schedule an appointment with the Pullman Public Schools Technology Department to checkout a Chromebook – parents will simply need to fill out a short form to borrow. Chromebooks will need to be returned at the end of the school year.

To make an appointment or seek technology support for students:
Email remotesupport@psd267.org


What happens with state assessments?
Per OSPI guidance, as of March 13, state assessments are canceled statewide for the remainder of the 2020 school year. These include: Smarter Balanced Assessments (English Language Arts and Math) for grades 3–8 and 10; Washington Access to Instruction and Measurement (WA-AIM) English Language Arts and Math for grades 3–8 and 10; English Language Proficiency Assessment (ELPA21); Washington Comprehensive Assessment of Science for grades 5, 8, and 11; Washington Access to Instruction and Measurement (WA-AIM) Science for grades 5, 8, and 11; WIDA Alternate ACCESS for English learners; and WaKIDS for Transitional Kindergarten.

Will students participate in FLASH (sexual education) and HIV/AIDS instruction while distance learning?
April 23: We have determined that the distance learning format is not conducive to teaching these subjects this spring. Teachers will cover the topics missed this spring in their instruction during the 2020-2021 school year. 

Pullman Public Schools is following guidance from OSPI regarding continued services for students that qualify for special services. 

How do districts provide instruction and supports to students with disabilities, including those with significant disabilities, during the closures?
As students in the school district are receiving general education instruction and student support services, then districts must provide students with disabilities with the special education services supporting a free appropriate public education (FAPE). Guidance dated March 21, 2020 from the U.S. Department of Education Office for Civil Rights (OCR) and Office for Special Education and Rehabilitative Services (OSERS) indicated “there may be exceptional circumstances that could affect how a particular service is provided.” There is not an expectation that Individualized Education Program (IEP) services would be delivered exactly as the IEP states. This is a national emergency, and districts should be communicating with families and making decisions based on student need and how those services can be provided. 

There is no one right way to provide services. Tthe provision of FAPE may include, as appropriate, special education and related services provided through instruction that is provided virtually, online, or telephonically. Many disability-related accommodations and modifications may be effectively provided online, such as extensions of time for assignments, videos with captioning or embedded sign language interpreting, accessible reading materials, a speech/language services through video conferencing. OSPI encourages districts to sit down with their leadership teams and brainstorm ways of providing services using unique, alternative methods, and then meeting with parents to discuss on a case by-case basis. Health and safety considerations should be the priority, including social distancing recommendations. 

OSPI’s special education division has curated a repository of online resources to assist staff in supporting students with disabilities during school facility closures. Please check the OSPI COVID-19 Special Education webpage for the latest updates. 

If the student does not access the educational opportunities made available during the closure, OSPI recommends the district document this. If the lack of access is ongoing, districts should reach out to parents to discuss further. Documentation of the degree to which services were offered and accessed during the closure will assist the team in determining whether a reevaluation, revised/amended IEP, and/or compensatory services are needed after school facilities re-open.


Does the Governor’s Proclamation allow for in-person Part C to Part B transition meetings, evaluation/eligibility meetings, IEP meetings, student assessment, or child find screening during the school closure? Should districts amend IEPs and issue Written Prior Notice (WPN) of changes to services resulting from school closures?

The guidance from OSPI is consistent with the Governor’s proclamations, in that districts should identify ways to provide education services, including special education, safely for students, families, and educators. Districts must prioritize staff and student safety, and that means special education and related services must be provided from a distance in most instances. 

However, this does not mean school districts are not permitted to provide some in-person services to students with disabilities in a school facility as a last resort. In rare cases where districts determine that the use of school facilities to provide educational services is essential and necessary under a student’s IEP, the district may provide the services in a school building under the following conditions. First, facilities should only be used to provide direct services to individual students when there is no other alternative to the service delivery. Second, the specific services and use of the facility must be necessary and essential. Finally, school facilities are not to be used for providing direct services to groups of students, and any gatherings within school facilities must comply with applicable social distancing directives and health guidelines.

Again, in-person services should be provided under limited, case-by-case circumstances, as it would be contrary to replace in-person education in school buildings with in-person special education services. Guidance from the U.S. Department of Education specifies that special education services may need to be delivered in alternate manners. Districts and families will want to refer to the guidance from the Department of Health on Childcare Safety during COVID19 for examples of safety considerations and requirements for in person services. 

Are childcare options being provided during closures?
Per OSPI guidance, closing schools has a major impact on our ability to staff hospitals, health care facilities, and other fire and medical departments. Superintendents have been asked to provide childcare, at no cost, to families who are in the medical field or who are first responders.

If childcare options are provided, how will those children be kept safe?
Per OSPI guidance, districts that provide childcare should take every measure possible to keep students and staff safe, including providing social distancing, ensuring consistent hand washing, sending students and staff home if they’re sick, and routinely disinfecting commonly touched surfaces.

Will the district be screening for illness of staff, students, and childcare during the school closure?  If so, what will that look like?
We will be screening people as needed.

When will childcare start?
The district is continuing to develop its plan for providing childcare by coordinating with a community partner.

Will there be a limit on childcare group sizes?
We will be following health department guidelines.

Beginning on Wednesday, March 18, Food Service will continue with the closure of schools.  Each school will be open for students/families to pick up meals (breakfast and lunch). The last day of food service will be June 19.

Additionally, Pullman Public Schools will send vans out into the community to deliver meals and school supplies/activities to designated locations.  Packaged meals will be “grab and go” style and will include both breakfast and lunch.  These meals are available for free to ANY student, regardless of free or reduced meal qualification; no registration or forms are required. Families may pick up meals at any school that is convenient for them; they do not have to pick up meals from the school their student attends.

All schools will be open from 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.  for meal pick-ups. Please note that cafeterias will not be open for students to eat in.

The delivery schedule can be found here

When is the last day of school for seniors?
June 12 is the last day of classes for seniors. During the week of June 8 – 12, seniors will be wrapping up year-end items (picking up personal items, paying fines, completing course work if necessary, etc.).

How is the school closure going to impact graduation?
At this point in time, graduations will most likely be virtual.  We are exploring the possibility of an in person commencement ceremony with social distancing guidelines. However, this would depend on direction from the Governor’s office.

Is the senior project still required?
The Senior Project requirement will be waived for seniors for the 2020 graduating class.

What if my senior hasn’t met graduation requirements?
If your senior has not met graduation requirements, please have your senior contact their school counselor immediately.

Will AP Tests still be taken?
AP Exams will still be offered.  Online learning and AP Exams will be available at home for students this spring. We're so grateful to the community of extraordinary teachers who stepped up to teach live classes on YouTube, as well as all the AP educators helping students continue with their study. More information.

April 23: The College Board has extended the deadline to identify AP students for the reduced fee test rate. The new deadline for students to access a reduced fee for this spring’s modified exams is May 26th. Students who qualify for the fee reduction will have their exams paid for by OSPI. Click here for details on how students can qualify.

Can Students Cancel Their AP Testing?
The latest AP testing information from College Board

In late April College Board will be providing information and practice sessions directed at taking the online exams and the technical information.  The above link has a lot of information including the new test schedule and details about each exam content.  

If a student would prefer to not take an AP test, information about cancellation:
Students don’t need to communicate whether they plan to take the exam before the exam administration, and there’s no action required if a student decides not to take an exam that was ordered for them. If a student doesn’t take an online exam, PHS will be notified in early June and will start the fee refund process. There will be no cancellation fee charged.  College Board encourage students to wait until closer to the exam date to decide whether they will take the exam.

How will College in the High School Courses be Graded?
April 23: It is critical for high schools to work with their college partners to establish practices on how courses will be delivered and graded (for college grades) for the remainder of the semester. OSPI has released guidance on grading and attendance to help guide the development of high school grades. Districts should use the OSPI guidance in collaboration with the policies developed by their partner colleges to provide equitable and accurate grades for CHS students. Joint guidance from our colleges can be found here.


How are Running Start Students Impacted by the School Closure?
April 23: Colleges on the quarter system are now starting spring quarter. With the stay at home orders, colleges have moved to online learning. Students enrolled in a Running Start program that is on the quarter system, should reach out to their counselor immediately about spring quarter course registration.


Will the School Closure Impact College Admissions?
April 23: Washington’s 2- and 4-year colleges have created statements explaining how colleges will be adjusting their admissions process to account for the COVID-19 school closures. Click here for a statement that includes COVID-19 contact information for specific colleges and here for a statement that includes guidance on what seniors should do now to be prepared for the transition to college this fall.



Will seniors be required to take the Smarter Balanced Assessment to meet graduation requirements?
No. State assessments are canceled statewide for the remainder of the 2020 school year. These include: Smarter Balanced Assessments (English Language Arts and Math) for grades 3–8 and 10; Washington Access to Instruction and Measurement (WA-AIM) English Language Arts and Math for grades 3–8 and 10; English Language Proficiency Assessment (ELPA21); Washington Comprehensive Assessment of Science for grades 5, 8, and 11; Washington Access to Instruction and Measurement (WA-AIM) Science for grades 5, 8, and 11; WIDA Alternate ACCESS for English learners; and WaKIDS for Transitional Kindergarten

Are all athletics, clubs and activities suspended?
Athletics, clubs, and extracurricular activities are cancelled for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year. This includes all sporting competitions, concerts, dances, and plays.

4/6/2020 A note from WIAA: 
The WIAA has received clarification that the order issued by Governor Inslee on Monday includes the cancellation of all in-person extracurricular athletics and activities through the end of the school year. This will include all regular season contests and practices as well as all postseason tournaments and championship events.

The decision was undoubtedly a difficult one for Governor Inslee. However, it was done so to keep the students and families of Washington safe. The WIAA Executive Board and the WIAA Staff feel for those students around the state that have had their seasons or careers cut short. This terrible disease has not only prevented students from creating lifelong memories through competition, it has limited the valuable lessons gained through participation in education-based athletics and activities.

The WIAA will continue to work with member schools around the state of Washington to navigate this unprecedented time. We have already seen some outstanding examples of athletic directors and coaches making the best of their situations and we know that work will continue.

Will we be able to rent district facilities during the school closure?
District facilities use will be suspended beginning Saturday, March 14, through the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year. This includes all events in district facilities and on fields led by community partners and all after-school activities led by outside groups.