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“Ensuring learning while challenging and supporting each student to achieve full potential”
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Communications Advisory Committee

The Pullman Public Schools Board of Directors cares. Do you have concerns you want us to hear, but don't feel comfortable discussing directly? We will be using an ombuds to reach out to our staff and community. An ombuds is an impartial third party trained to listen to sensitive feedback and concerns.
We will be working with Danielle Eidenberg-Noppe from the Washington State Governor's Office of Education Ombuds. Danielle will listen to our staff and families and then provide a report of the kinds of concerns raised, keeping all names and identifying details confidential, to our board and community.
Be heard. Danielle will be available by phone between August 15 and September 15.
Call 206-430-0389 and note Pullman Public Schools. This is Danielle’s direct line, if she does not answer callers are encouraged to leave a voicemail with a good time for her to call back. Language line interpreters are available.
If you have questions, please contact Shannon Focht at sfocht@psd267.org or 509.332.3581

Communications Advisory Committee Notes


Meeting #1 Summary – August 8, 2018:

The committee agreed to a charter which defined the purpose and activities of the committee.  The main purpose of the committee is to help improve communication between the community and district staff, with the school board.  For more information please see the charter for this committee.


We reviewed information on the purpose of an educational Ombuds. This is a neutral and confidential third party for our district employees and families to communicate sensitive concerns safely. This will be open for four weeks beginning August 15. After hearing concerns from our community the Ombuds will report to both the school board and the community. The committee discussed the best way for the Ombuds’ report to be presented, and decided to seek more information on methods of reporting before making a final decision.

Our goal is to help the school board receive the best information as they make decisions for our schools, and we want to make sure that everyone is heard. The committee decided on a layered approach to communicate the purpose of the Ombuds, and provide contact information. We decided that we will inform district employees and the community through different methods including: postal mail, fliers delivered through the school, social media, email from the school district to staff and family lists, collaboration with the PEA (Pullman Education Association) to encourage members to participate, automated phone calls, and information posted on the district website.