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Pullman Public Schools Earth Week

April 20 – 24 is Pullman Public Schools Earth Week!

We have planned a week of fun challenges for students, staff, and our community to participate in, to honor Earth Week:

Monday, April 20:
Challenge: Go outside and take 5 deep breaths of fresh air. Look for signs of spring and listen for birds. Share a photo of signs of spring using #PSDEarthWeek.

Tuesday, April 21:
Challenge:  Can you go an entire day without using paper towels? Give reusable towels a try, and consider using them all the time!

Wednesday, April 22:
Challenge:  Brainstorm a way that YOU can reduce your environmental impact! Share your idea using #PSDEarthWeek.

Thursday, April 23:
Challenge: See how much of the day you can avoid turning on lights in your home. Enjoy the natural sunlight by working outside! Share pictures of your outdoor workspace using #PSDEarthWeek.

Friday, April 24:
Challenge: Make something out of re-purposed items OR repair something to extend its life! Share pictures and your story using #PSDEarthWeek.


Please join us in the fun by sharing how you or your student are participating in Earth Week challenges – share on social media using hashtag #PSDEarthWeek.

Happy Earth Week!