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We are Committed to Lifelong Learning!

Our teachers are committed to lifelong learning! Each of the professional development days for teachers features sessions tailored to our district's needs.

The 20+ great sessions on January 17th included:

  • Teaching with Trauma in Mind: Practical Strategies to Become Trauma Invested, Analisa Holcomb-McCann
  • Wordless Books - Why and How to Use Them, Isabel Haller-Gryc
  • Creating an Inclusive Classroom & Co-Teaching Basics, Petra Nelson
  • Creating a Classroom to Support All Learners through the use of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and Differentiated Instruction, Petra Nelson
  • Bridges in Mathematics, Keri Rogers
  • Pacific Education Institute Intro to Field Investigations, Randy James
  • Pacific Education Institute Modeling for Student Engagement, Randy James
  • Pacific Education Institute Exploring Locally Relevant Phenomena, Randy James
  • Lenovo Virtual Reality Classroom Workshop, Emory Craig
  • What Great Teachers Do Differently, Katharine Covill
  • Read 180 & System 44 Training, Lisa Carlson
  • Turn Notes into Inquiry: Writing POGILs, Johanna Brown
  • Effective Behavior Management- Research Based Strategies to Implement in Your Classroom for Before, During and After Behaviors Occur, Natalie Dobbins
  • Effective Mathematics Teaching Practices: Making a Plan, Jeff Crawford
  • Rejuvenate Your Repertoire, Haylee Fishback & Dan Peterson
  • When Caring Becomes Exhausting: Compassion Fatigue & What to do About It, Dr. Jessica Viergutz
  • Cultivate Your Students’ Electronic Landscape with a Garden of Databases, Julie Udy
  • Integrating Social Emotional Learning into Your Daily Content, Ellen Kellie & Nancy Nelson
  • Digging into K-2 STEM, Debra Kowalkowski
  • Math Rotations & Fluency Menus - Meeting Diverse Needs while Giving Student Choice in a Math Block, Cari DenHerder
  • Guided Reading and Differentiation with Small Groups, Holly Steele & Meg Conley
  • How to Support all Learners? Implementing Differentiation into Your Content: Creating Tasks for Engagement, Access and Readiness, Carone Jones
  • HOPELOGY Unleashing the Power of “Kids at Hope”, Jim Bruce