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PHS CTE Program Updates

Dear Community,
We want to give you a brief update about our PHS CTE Program. We are proud of the incredible CTE (Career and Technical Education) program at Pullman High School; the wide variety of quality programs we offer our students is a reflection of our community values, and our responsiveness to the increased need for skilled trades workers in our region. This fall, our shop program (metals, woods, and CAD) will see some changes. Our long-time shop teacher, Mr. Vince Hanley, will be retiring - we honor that decision and wish him a satisfying retirement.

We’ve heard concerns regarding his decision to retire, and want to provide you with factual information. While considering retirement, Mr. Hanley brought forward concerns related to his classroom, and asked the district to consider possible modifications or accommodations (such as equipment to help in the classroom and adding an aide to assist with classes).

Your school board, building administrators and I are committed to staffing and programming practices that are equitable and sustainable for all our students and staff. Anytime an employee brings forward a concern or requests supportive modifications or accommodations, we give those concerns the attention they deserve. We respectfully meet with employees and their union representatives to learn more about the concerns and explore ways to support classroom and teaching needs. In this case, we also scheduled an independent review of the classroom environment. In the midst of this dialog and exploration, Mr. Hanley submitted a retirement letter and requested that we respect the right to choose retirement at this time.  As we would for any employee, we did indeed respect and honor this decision.

In the year ahead, we will continue to provide a wide variety of quality opportunities for our students, including an exceptional Career and Technical Education (CTE) program. Our current CTE programs will continue; additional courses will be added based on funding, industry needs and student desires. We appreciate the strong support our schools and our CTE program are provided!


Bob Maxwell, Superintendent